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The New Star Trek Trailer Is Online

I will not insult you by embedding a crappy version of it here. Go watch it on Apple.

My take: this trailer does not suck, but neither does it rule out the possibility of the movie sucking. I was pretty meh about the opening bit — if you want to show me that Kirk is some disaffected Rebel Without a Cause kind of guy, OK, yeah, I’m …

Talking to Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons

I had a chance to sit down with Dave Gibbons, the man who drew Watchmen. The interview isn’t here, it’s here.

Before I talked to him I didn’t realize how important it was for the genesis of Watchmen that Gibbons and Alan Moore were English. Apparently at that time superhero comics came from America, and that was it. New York City was …

Origins: Jewverine

“What if I went as Wolverine?”
I already had the sideburns. My wife looked at my thick, curly facial hair, skeptically.
“Is Wolverine Jewish?” she asked.
“No, he’s Canadian.”
Why did I marry a cheerleader instead of a nerd?
“Okay, Jewish Wolverine,” I said, liking it. “Jew-verine.” Loving it.
But Rabbinical

Nerd World Book Club: Anathem, Parts 11-13: Across the Multiverse

I finally finished Anathem this past weekend, and I feel the need to bring closure to this colossal undertaking by blogging about it. This isn’t a review, just a kind of travelogue of my reading experience. Anathem is one of the best novels I’ve read this year, but it’s also incredibly challenging and not a journey to be undertaken …

A New Age Dawns; Also, New Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Today brings the dawning of what future blog historians will call the Second, or Silver, Age of Nerd World. We have transitioned to a new platform, WordPress, albeit ungracefully and unwillingly (apparently all the servers fell over on Friday, so they crash-upgraded, or crash-cross-graded depending on how you feel about WordPress). …

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