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The Scream Awards Awards

I was in the audience for tonight’s taping of Spike TV’s Scream Awards, “celebrating comics, fantasy, sci-fi and horror.” It’s a fun show, much more entertaining than the 6000 other award shows I’ve been to. Here are my awards for things that happened at the show itself.

LOUDEST AUDIENCE JEER: Clip of Shia LeBoeuf from …

Bizarro Ruins a Funeral



The church is full of mourners. CLARK KENT, in a black suit, is at the altar, in mid-eulogy. Behind him is a large photo of Jonathan Kent (who died in Action Comics #870).

CLARK KENT: But the most important thing my father taught me was the difference between right …

This Is Totally How Movies Begin

Doesn’t this sound like it’s straight from the keyboard of some action sci-fi movie writer? Well it’s not. It’s real.

2008 TC3 was a meteoroid two to five meters in diameter that impacted Earth on October 7, 2008 at 02:46 UTC. It was discovered by an observer at the Catalina Sky Survey 1.5 meter telescope at Mount Lemmon north

Yesterday I Saw 26 Minutes of Watchmen

Director Zack Snyder is doing a kind of traveling road show, screening clips from Watchmen ‘cross the nation. Yesterday that road show traveled to the Warner Brothers screening room in Manhattan. The movie will be out in March, assuming Fox and Warner don’t sue each other back to the stone age before then, but I have now seen 26 minutes …

Does Anyone Want to Write My Halloween Name?

On the credits of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, the producers and staff always replace their unfunny and unspooky real names with spooky and funny “Halloween Names.” (Except for a couple years where we didn’t for reasons I forget.)


My …

A Moral Guide to Online Book Buying

Buying books online is easy, right? Just point and click and get and read. Right? Wrong.

Like everything else in the world, online book buying is fraught with staggering ethical and moral consequences. Okay, it’s no abortion, but when you buy a book online, there is a teeny, tiny moral choice involved. But unlike euthanasia, it’s …

Nerd World Book Club: Anathem, Parts One Through Five

I read pretty slowly. That’s partly because I am literally a slow reader: for some reason inputting text through my eyes is just not a rapid process. But it’s also because I’m Time’s book reviewer, so I have to burn through a couple of books a week as part of my job (which is basically the greatest job in the world), so if I’m reading …

Fantastically Nerdy Topical Comedy

A Canadian comic book writer named Matt Shepherd put this little masterpiece together. The funnest way to experience it is to skip the text into, then scan down the photo captions until you figure out the bit.

Happy dorking!

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