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Cliché Corner Presents: Vampires

Vampires are big business. From HBO’s True Blood to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books to the fifty million copy-selling straight-to-video Lost Boys sequel, the vampire bubble is nowhere near bursting. Give it another month, then sell.

I love vampire movies. What do I love about them? The chilling suspense? The sexy violence? …

Dr. Horrible Rules iTunes, the Future

My work-copy of iTunes is so broken, it actually emitted that sharp, loud angry-Mac beep when I fired it up just now. But nonetheless I was able to confirm that the Dr. Horrible soundtrack is the number two-most downloaded album right now. Such is the amazing power of Whedonicity.

It looked like a one-off, but it’s turning out that …

Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s Too Many Colons.

I saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars a couple of weeks ago. At the time I thought, meh, it was all right, there were things I liked and things I didn’t. I held off on posting a review, and since then I’ve come to realize that that my reaction was a pretty mild one in the grand scale of things. Clone Wars has inspired some truly epic

More Profound Thoughts About My — Our? — PvP Obsession

I don’t know how many of you out there in the land of the living read PvP. I do. There was a time when I did not ‘get’ why PvP was popular, but now that I’m down with the full continuity I find it consistently funny. I don’t even really mind that it has basically nothing to do with gaming anymore. Kurtz’s deep fluency in the code of pop …

I’m Starting to Get the Point of That Hulk Movie

There’s a new trailer out for the rebooted Ed Norton version of The Hulk that opens June 13th. It’s here.

I think I’m finally getting the point of this movie. It’s about a sensitive guy who can’t control his super-strong radioactive alter ego. That’s it. There’s nothing else. Norton and this director, Louis Leterrier (the auteur of, …

Some Old-School Marvel Comics Action: Hulk and Thor

The redoubtable Harry Knowles drops the leak-hammer on the upcoming Thor movie. To wit:

This isn’t a Donald Blake, doctor on vacation story. Instead, this is a genuine TALES OF ASGARD story. In the first few pages the creation of everything takes place… the origin of the gods, their universe and how midgard (that’s are [homonyms,

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