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Stephenie Meyer Wrote a New Thing

So Stephenie Meyer announced today that she wrote a new thing — her first such thing in two years. It’s a novella called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It’s from the point of view of … Bree Tanner. It’ll come out on June 5. Some of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.
So who the forks is Bree Tanner? The answer is simple:

Comics on Our Pull List 3/31/10

I’m going to step out a little this week. I’m going try some adaptations on for size. Starting with some video games (Dragon Age, God of War) and moving on to some feature films (Terminator) I’m going to see how well these tales translate. FrankenCastle continues his stitched and stilted march, there’s a new hope that’s not a Star Wars

The Walking Dead Coming to AMC in October

Sweet ass sweet.

AMC has just announced that they’ve greenlit Darabont’s adaption of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and it’s slated for an October debut, says Variety.

“He’s taken the baseline road map of the underlying material and just blew it out to the next level,” said Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior veep of …

Misty Water-Colored Memories of PAX East

People get sentimental about PAX. When it was over Wil Wheaton tweeted — possibly only semi-ironically — that he “needed a moment.”

But it’s true, PAX is different. Partly because it’s for fans, not the industry. Partly because it’s almost freakishly well-run. Partly because it’s animated by the spirits of Gabe and Tycho, a.k.a. …

Freeze Frame: Star Wars, The First 34 Seconds

This is part of an ongoing weekly series called “Freeze Frame,” where we break down our very favorite sci-fi/fantasy/adventure moments – the scenes that we look forward to, that remind us why we so love this job. As you might guess, such discussions are riddled with spoilers. So consider yourself warned. (See previous Freeze Frame

Brick Artist Nathan Sawaya Combines Legos & Fine Art

I was lucky enough to chat with artist Nathan Sawaya last week, right in time for his New York gallery debut.

Sawaya is the type of guy you admire just for having the guts to quit his job as a corporate lawyer six years ago to become an artist who does incredible work with children’s toys. While we talked, Sawaya told me that his …

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer Wins, But Can the Movie K.O.?

Christine Lim is a Pilgrim enthusiast and works with us behind the scenes at Techland and Time. We thought it appropriate to have her say a few words about the Scott Pilgrim trailer. –ed.

In Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, titular character Scott Pilgrim, 23, has a lot of things not going for him. He’s unemployed and …

Monday Morning Tech Deals

Oh Monday, you come around approximately once every seven days. Your ability to abruptly end fun knows no limits. The only suitable recourse against your nefarious existence is for us to purchase discounted electronics items in preparation for the upcoming weekend–a weekend which always seems so far away. Well played, Monday. You’ve …

Hot Tub Guilt Complex: Am I Really The Only One Who Got Bored?

So yes, Hot Tub Time Machine came out this weekend. And yes – not so surprisingly – audiences were plenty hungry for a goofy comedy. Who isn’t, with the snow thawing, spring break afoot, and the job market still as grim as ever. Forget reality – gimme some Hot Tub Time Machine!!

And I know there’s already a pretty big divide, …

PAX East 2010: Wil Wheaton Keynote Video

Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stand By Me fame gives the inaugural keynote address at PAX East 2010. Wheaton discusses his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons, the strong friendships formed around gaming, and how the line between television, movies, and video games as entertainment mediums gets blurrier all the …

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