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Predators Trailer: Welcome to the Game Preserve

Everyone’s talking about the new Predators trailer, and I’m just as psyched as any fan of the original. To rescue the franchise from the likes of Alien Vs. Predator, to journey back into the freaky silence of the jungle and the terror of battling that which cannot be seen, Predators looks to be hitting the nail on the head.

Hubble 3D and the Avatar Bump: How Far Can 3D Docs Go?

Did Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland benefit from the Avatar Bump? I think it probably did; the stats on the number of people who saw 3D in action for the first time with Avatar leads me to think that now there are a good many viewers out there in hunt of their next 3D fix.

Now some of us are wondering: How long will this 3D bump …

Monday Morning Tech Deals

Oh Monday, you come around approximately once every seven days. Your ability to abruptly end fun knows no limits. The only suitable recourse against your nefarious existence is for us to purchase discounted electronics items in preparation for the upcoming weekend–a weekend which always seems so far away. Well played, Monday. You’ve

Caprica: The Kindling is Set, Let the Meltdown Begin

I ended Friday night’s Caprica marveling at how my impressions of just about every major character had changed. I was actually a bit unsettled. So maybe that’s proof enough right there that I do actually care about the people in this series.

Last week I published an essay with some of my theories about Caprica’s struggling ratings, …

Planet Earth II: The Harrowing, High-Def Nature Thrills of ‘Life’

There’s something so basic about the allure of Life – and its predecessor, Planet Earth – that you almost feel odd giving it props.

These are massive, international productions that have simply taken the time, and invested the money, to show you things from our world that blow your mind. It’s a melding of technology, human …

Caprica, Syfy’s Big Gamble, Takes It Up A Notch

Syfy’s Caprica is quickly becoming one of the more intriguing industry dramas of this year’s TV season.

A spin-off of the hugely popular Battlestar Galactica, its pilot aired nearly a year before the series, and the series resumed a couple months ago on (less-than-ideal) Friday nights, initially opposite the Haiti telethon and …

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