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Emanata: Permanent Tidal Wave

When the Sentry first appeared in 2000, he was a clever idea: Bob Roberts, one of Marvel’s most famous characters in the ’60s, the star of Startling Stories–oh, wait, you’ve never heard of him? That’s because his archenemy the Void forced him to use his incredible telepathic powers to make everyone forget him! And the Void is actually …

Panel of the Week 3/17/10

It’s giant, towering Egyptian gods. It’s long events that are nearly finished. It’s Girl-verines. It’s old timey vamps. It’s Panel of the Week!

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
My relationship with Moon Knight is dysfunctional. Whenever I buy a Moon Knight comic I feel guilty. Like my friends and family are looking at me with …

Feng Shui & A Cooking Show? Does Syfy Really Need More Reality Programming?

Apparently Syfy execs say yes.

This week, the network announced it has a whopping 10 new reality in development. Wow, 10? Really?

Afraid so. Wednesday nights are already devoted to “reality” with shoes Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, and just this week Syfy announced that beginning July 15, Thursday nights will soon follow …

Repo Men Review: Of Leased Organs and Missed Payments (B)

It’s bloody and brutal but also sort of breathtaking – the confidence with which Repo Men lays the groundwork for its blistering social commentary.

Repo Men is a perfect case study as to how a story’s characters can be overwhelmed by the larger sci-fi themes and messages at play. That said, Repo Men’s message is so on-point …

My Mom’s On Facebook, The Music Video

Made for anyone whose shameless Web presence was cut short due to family members infiltrating social media, this video has been gaining viral-levels of attention this week. On the surface, it pokes fun at the ‘clueless’ appearance of older family members’ attempts at navigating social media, when it’s actually proving that maybe it’s the …

The Leprechaun Film Franchise, An Appreciation

Oh, B-movies. What would sick days (or Syfy, for that matter) be without you?

St. Patty’s Day celebrations are all well and good, but give me some suspicious-looking green foods, throw in a little Warwick Davis and I’m a happy girl. Unfamiliar? Trust me, you’ve seen him. Davis played Wicket, the Ewok who helps Princess Leia in Return

Cryptids: Leprechauns

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. What better strange and mysterious creature to examine from a cryptozoological standpoint than the leprechaun?

Modern-day depictions of the leprechaun—little bearded men with pots of gold filled by paychecks from television appearances hocking sugary children’s cereal—can be seen as “little more …

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