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Freeze Frame: Hubble 3D’s Million Points of Light

This is part of an ongoing weekly series called “Freeze Frame,” where we break down our very favorite sci-fi/fantasy/adventure moments – the scenes that we look forward to, that remind us why we so love this job. As you might guess, such discussions are riddled with spoilers. So consider yourself warned. (See previous Freeze Frame

The Lanterns of Emerald City

Techland attended the eighth annual Emerald City ComiCon, held this past weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Click through this gallery for pictures of some of the many con attendees who were wearing the logos of Lantern Corps from Blackest Night, as well a few notes from the show floor.

Pictured above: Eric …

I Just Watched Elizabeth Bennet Chop Off A Zombie’s Head

The book trailer for the upcoming Austen-zombie prequel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls dropped today in all it’s gory brilliance.

Here, we get a first look at the Bennet girls in training to kick ass and defend their home from the undead, plus a montage of a few great zombie slays. Though book trailers can be …

Sneak Peek of Rodriguez’s Upcoming Predators Reboot

As you all know by now I rarely watch trailers or leaked footage of any movie I’m mildly interested in. Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Predators reboot is no different. The above clip was revealed at SXSW. I don’t know anything other than the “original” Predator making an appearance along with an “updated and nastier breed.” Enjoy!

NASA’s Space Telescope, The Musical?

Oh NASA, your nerdy space musicals delight me so.

This five-minute ditty features a NASA scientist who explains the infrared technology of the Spitzer Space Telescope and its difference from other telescopes like Hubble.

Infrared/ Capturing the heat instead/ There is light in the sky that we can’t see/ In the darkest parts of the

The Techland Show: The Bitch God Episode

No seriously, I say the phrase “bitch god” in this one. The god in question is Poseidon. Other than that I have no idea what I was talking about.

Peter’s away at GDC this week, along with Evan, where they are probably using up our entire expense budget for the year. So it’s me and Steve, the movie guy, talking Tron, God of War III, …

Mark Millar Interview, Part 2: On Being Punched in the Face

Part 1 was Wednesday. This is the second and final part.

Here we discuss why the Kick-Ass movie was almost a huge disaster, Millar’s three favorite comics, Dr. Manhattan’s giant blue dick, what he learned from being punched in the face, twice, and the failure of a generation of comics writers.

It’s important to imagine Millar

Panel of the Week 3/10/10

I really could have gone with five panels from PunisherMax or Batman and Robin or Batgirl this week but it was just the same old awesomeness from a month ago. Let’s get into some new stuff. Some talkin’ rhinos and cyborg zombie killers, shall we? It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Elephantmen #24
I’ll admit it, I’m late to the …

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