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Emanata: Fridge Kids

Spoilers for Punisher Max and Justice League: Cry for Justice are lurking below. Consider yourself warned.


It’s been pointed out by a few of my associates over at the Savage Critics (among other people) that there have been an awful lot of superhero comics in the last few months involving children and babies getting killed. The …

Why You Need the Springpad iPhone App

I’m not the most organized man in the history of men but it’s not for lack of trying. It’s more for lack of will, determination, time, time management skills, cleanliness (both personally and around the house), money, proper genetic predisposition to organization, and more.

Mostly it’s because it seems like too much work, even though …

Mark Millar Interview, Part 1: Pornography Would Be Less Shameful

Last week I got to talk to Mark Millar on the phone. Even if you haven’t heard of Millar — which you probably have — you know his work. He did major work on X-Men and Captain America. He did Marvel’s Civil War. He did Wanted. He did one of my all-time favorite graphic novels, Red Son, wherein Superman lands in Soviet Russia instead of

LOST S06E07 E-mail Chain: Daddy?

Well kids, unfortunately for you, I’m the Techlander who has been faithfully watching the last season of LOST. And because our fearless leader Peter Ha is missing once again, you’ll have to pretend that you like me enough to read my commentary. Muhaha.

Let’s do this.

So, we got a little peek into the world of Ben Linus in …

Zombie of the Week: “Wait Wait … Don’t Eat Me!”

I think we can all agree: As far as the world of fan fiction goes, you spend more time slushing through the typos and wordy-porns to really consider it worth your time. But sometimes, you come across a gem that gives you just a little more patience to press on.

This week’s Zombie of the Week hails from one such gem, a hilarious …

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