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Panel of the Week 3/3/10

Today in Panel of the Week we face down the devil with Thor, we crack wise in a green fedora, and we crash through the jungle with our robotic stomping feet. After that it’s time for murders and executions followed by a visit with the karate choppingest magician around.

New Ultimates #1
Oh, Thor. Have you ever seen a more ‘just …

Retro Meets Mobile With Moshi Moshi Handsets

You’ll either love them or you won’t; there can be no middle ground. The $60 Moshi Moshi retro telephone handsets plug into your cell phone for slightly less cumbersome conversations and give your workspace a splash of nostalgic style, courtesy of French designer David Turpin.

Moshi Moshi Collection []

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Alice in Wonderland Review: Burton’s Finally Having Fun Again (B+)

This review is mostly spoiler-free. I was less interested in analyzing the fine points of the Alice mythology than in talking about how this fantasy fits into the larger arc of Tim Burton’s career.

Was it Planet of the Apes?

Is that when Tim Burton started seeming derivative to me? The director who had long ago found the glory in …

Tron Trailer: Your Reason To Get To Alice On Time

If you’re planning on seeing Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland this weekend, don’t be late.

The trailer for the upcoming Tron: Legacy will make its official debut during previews for Alice this Friday, March 5, and after all of Disney’s marketing ballyhoo I’d expect this is something any Tron fanboy won’t want to miss. (Hopefully, this …

New Portal Stuff; New Halo Reach Trailer; Yay

There are signs of life from Aperture Science. Valve released on update for its incredibly compelling puzzle game Portal yesterday. This has set off a mad scramble through one of those weird augmented-reality scavenger hunts, starting with radios in the game releasing screechy audio transmissions, which were decodable into a series of …

Christmas In March: Mega Shark From Santa, Giant Octopus From Us

If you don’t live in sunny Los Angeles or New Mexico, then you’re probably feeling a lot like we are: Sick of the drab gray of winter, annoyed with the weather (today we’re supposedly getting inundated with a slushy mess in NYC).

But never fear, loyal Techland viewer, this is your lucky day. It’s Christmas in March. And we’ve …

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