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The Hottest Witches of All-TIME

On this date 318 years ago, the Salem Witch trials began when Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba, a slave from Barbados, were charged with witchcraft. By all accounts it appears the odds were against Good from the get go despite false accusations that were proven as such in court. But then again, Good did declare Minister Nicholas …

New Comics for 3/3/10

It’s going to be another strong week. We’re getting some long-hyped Ultimate titles as well as even more brand-new Deadpool, if you can believe that. DC gets back into the pulp business and there’s going to be Supergods and zombies attacking robots! Check back tomorrow to see what we’re excited about.

Amazing Spider-Man …

Preview: The Flash #1

Slated for an April 14th debut is Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s reimagining of The Flash. All we know about the new adventures of Barry Allen is that his “deadliest foe” has kicked the can in Central City and it’s up to Allen to find who done it. DC’s The Source promises to reveal more on the Flash later this week. In the …

The Techland Show: The iPhone Porn Episode

I was going to title this post The Techland Show: The Sell-out Traffic Whore episode. But wait — isn’t that every episode?

Apparently not. We’ve been instructed to “punch up” the show and give it more “viral” potential by organizing it into a list of the week’s top five topics. There — happy now? Isn’t this what you wanted? You did

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