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A Preview of DC’s First Wave #1

A few months back DC reintroduced pulp icon Doc Savage to the world in Batman/Doc Savage. Today, via The Source, DC gives us a sneak peak of the first few pages of First Wave #1 along with full-color prints of previously shown black and white pages. The six-issue run is being penned by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Rags Morales. Is that …

Emanata: Batman & Robin Pour Down Like Silver

There’s a touch of silver in the solicitations for the next few months’ superhero comics–a hint that both DC and Marvel are trying to recapture the tone of the so-called Silver Age, the era from the late ’50s to the early ’70s when both franchises laid the groundwork for what they’ve been doing ever since. Nobody’s let anything …

The Dark Knight Strikes Back! Speaking With the Minds Behind Arkham Asylum

Over the decades, the only evil Batman hasn’t been able to vanquish was the dismal awfulness of his own video games. That all changed when Batman: Arkham Asylum–developed by British studio Rocksteady Games–hit consoles and PCs last summer. Gamers finally got to control the hyper-intelligent ass-kicker they’ve been reading about …

Panel of the Week 2/24/10

It was a week of highs and lows for me. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the titles I took a chance on this week. Blackest Night came back strong after its hiatus but the three Siege titles that dropped were lackluster. Read on to see what action is in the Panel of the Week.

Batman and Robin #9
At this point I have to admit …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In March

The year’s shortest month is coming to an end and I have to admit that it was chock full of nerdery.

LOST made its triumphant return for its final season. Be sure to join in on the E-mail Chain every week with Allie and me. Breck Eisner’s remake of George A. Romero’s The Crazies is out tomorrow, but Hollywood seems to have …

How To Cobble Together a Portable Emulation System

I show you how to download and setup MESS, the “Multi Emulator Super System” with over 400 different system emulators, load up your favorite classic video games, and copy everything to a USB stick or memory card for use on just about any PC in the world. It’s pocketable nostalgia at it’s finest: easy, cheap, and plentiful.

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The Crazies Review: A Jolt to the Gut, Brain, Country (B+)

I’ve tried to omit most major spoilers for this review, writing in a more general and all-encompassing fashion. I’ve clearly marked out the one paragraph below where we engage in a half-detailed plot analysis.

George A. Romero’s The Crazies was all about America’s growing distrust of its government. Opening in theaters amid the …

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