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Caprica, Part IV: The Mad Scientist Foresakes His Invention

Yep, spoilers. But not too many. Mostly analysis. And deeper rumblings.

Caprica is finally back, and after toying around – and then around some more – with the notion of a murdered Amanda Graystone, we can finally move beyond the rather pedestrian plotline of one grieving father siccing his hoodlum brother on another. Revenge is …

The 2009 Nebula Award Nominees: Here They Are

The official announcement is here. With apologies for the lazy formatting. My italicizing finger is tired.

Short Story

Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela, Saladin Ahmed (Clockwork Phoenix 2, Norilana Press, Jul09)
I Remember the Future, Michael A. Burstein (I Remember the Future, Apex Press, Nov08)
Non-Zero Probabilities, N. …

The Techland Show: Bull Durham Edition

In which we talk about the next Batman movie, and Peter loses his thing over Windows Phone 7, and Lev looks like an idiot playing Project Natal. They need to release a non-code name for that thing. A No-Prize to the commenter who can think of a better name for it.

Plus Susan Sarandon cameos. For a full-length treatment of the Project …

A New Spin On Classic Jules Verne

Art student Jim Tierney of Philadelphia’s University of the Arts has created some really beautiful new skin for Jules Verne.

As part of his senior thesis, Tierney recreated covers for Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Check out the …

In Which We Demo Project Natal

It’s safe to say that Project Natal needs no introduction but if you’ve been living under a rock or are unfamiliar with Xbox then think of Natal as Microsoft’s answer to the Wii. It was announced at last year’s E3 and little has changed since other than a release date – “in time for the holidays” – and the demo was …

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