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Emanata: DMZ Brings the War Back Home

Imagine for a moment that the U.S. was involved in an endless, morally dubious war that had hammered away at a major city. Imagine that that city was perpetually trying to rebuild itself even as internal violence and insurgencies ripped at its seams, and as a private security contractor employed by the American government largely did as …

Panel of the Week 2/10/10

I’m not mail carrier but even Snowpacolypse won’t stop me from my appointed rounds. I got the boots out and sludged through the NYC streets to get my books. And for all my efforts I was rewarded. This week we got some old school violence, some interstellar genocide and even a new Bat-contraption. Read on to see what action made the Panel

Video Review: Warpia’s Wireless A/V Set Works — But Within Short Range

Warpia’s wireless A/V set consists of a USB stick that installs itself as a secondary DisplayPort video card on your computer and transmits video and audio data to a second USB stick that sits inside a dock connected to your TV via HDMI or VGA.

The system uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to stream up to 720p video across a short …

What Does Aquaman Have To Do With DC’s Brightest Day?

I have no idea what Brightest Day is about, but DC’s The Source has just revealed David Finch’s cover to issue #2 that’s being penned by Geoff Johns. Yes, that’s mothafreakin’ Aquaman. Truth be told, I’m even more confused by Brightest Day than ever before, but Johns had this to say.

“Brightest Day’ is about second

Latest Stan Lee Comic … Starring Stan Lee

Behind some of the most iconic superheroes in comic history, Stan Lee is now working on his latest series, starring himself.

The 87-year-old behind the creation of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the X-Men – just to name a few – is now working on his latest creation: a multimedia series titled Super Seven. The …

Burton’s Alice: First Victim of Hollywood’s VOD Future?

It takes a good deal of chutzpah to dictate anything when it comes to a Tim Burton movie. But that’s precisely what Disney is doing with his upcoming 3-D adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

It has nothing to do with Burton himself, or his dark vision of Lewis Carroll’s fairy tale. Rather, Burton finds himself in the middle of …

Penelope Cruz in ‘Pirates?’ Yes, Please

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lovely Penelope Cruz is in talks to co-star alongside Johnny Depp in Disney’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The men in the office were too busy drooling at the thought to really articulate why this is a great idea, so I’m handling this one:

Where so many large …

Exclusive: First Look at DC Chronicles the Flash

Toy Fair 2010 is upon us, folks. Team Techland will be hitting the show floor on Monday to check out all of this year’s upcoming toys. As a teaser we have an exclusive first look at DC Direct’s DC Chronicles the Flash. We’ll be sure to check out DC’s booth and everything else they’ll be showing off.

Techland Screening Room: Primer – The Physics of Friendship

Every Thursday, the Techland Screening Room digs deep in an attempt to appreciate one of the 50 most important sci-fi titles of cinema’s first century. When we’re not analyzing the films, we’re announcing the next title in the series. We welcome your thoughts, insights, grumblings and epiphanies.

There aren’t many sci-fi films

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