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The Doctor Who Auction: Don’t You Deserve A Dalek?

Are you bummed out by your post-Super Bowl Monday? Well Uncle Steve’s here to cheer you up!

How cool is this, Doctor Who fans: There’s an auction underway in London – or about to get underway, rather, two weeks from Wednesday – that is going to allow the most devout followers of the good Doctor to bid on some serious swag. Even …

New Comics for 2/10/10

Wednesday is just a few days away, faithful. Here is a list of all the new releases we can expect this week. Check back tomorrow to find out what we are going to put on our pull list.

Amazing Spider-Man #620
Amazing Spider-Man Presents Jackpot #2
Anita Blake Laughing Corpse Executioner #4
Dark Avengers Poster Book
Dark …

DMZ #50 Preview

This coming Wednesday marks the arrival of Brian Wood’s DMZ #50. If you’ve never read this series than you’re definitely missing out. It takes place on Manhattan, which serves as a demilitarized zone for the civil war taking place in the US. It’s incredible. Check out the 5-page preview.

[time-flipping-book …

Caprica, Episode 3: Reinvention Night

Caprica is just on a roll. Knowing what I know now, I almost feel like the two-hour pilot was a stand-alone concept, last week’s second episode was a way of re-routing all the themes into the format of a series, and Friday night’s edition gave us a first glimpse at where everything’s ultimately heading. (Check out our interview

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