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LOST Premiere E-mail Chain: What The H-Bomb?

Season 6: Episode 1 and 2

Peter Ha: Well, what did you think? We have two separate story lines going: one where everything worked and one where everyone is still on the island.

Allie Townsend: Who knows? I’m more frustrated than before the season started. And I HATE the way the writers brought back Juliet just to die in the first …

Oscars Revelation: Is Avatar the New Star Wars?

The same day that the Oscar nominations became official, the narratives were laid out by the mainstream media. This is the year of David vs. Goliath, of big budgets vs. low budgets and sure things vs. long shots.

Fair enough. But when I was calling around to friends Tuesday afternoon, a far different narrative was taking shape in my …

LOST Season Six Rumor Roundup

We know you’ve been Googling LOST for weeks now, trolling for hints of the fate of the Oceanic 815 survivors in the show’s final season.

So here is the best of the LOST season six rumor mill – all laid out to help satisfy that craving until tonight’s big premiere. Happy snacking.

Season Six:

“I don’t think in the end there’s …

Harry Potter the Super Bowl Commercial?

Universal Studios is taking its Harry Potter theme park campaign to the Super Bowl with this 30-second peek into the park’s wizarding universe – rumored to cost Universal a stiff $310 million to construct.

The Orlando-based park is set to open this spring, though specifics have been pretty hushed, but here’s what we do know for …

Comics on Our Pull List – 2/3/10

The Marvel Event Machine keeps on rolling in this first Wednesday in February. As you can read below Siege #2 is promising the death of an Avenger. The only problem with that is there are currently 45 Avengers spread across a half dozen teams. The rebooted Ultimate universe continues to grow with Ultimate X #1. The giant World of New …

“Calvin and Hobbes” Creator Grants First Interview In 20 Years

I can’t stop muttering “holy crap” over and over again. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the USPS would be issuing Calvin and Hobbes stamps this coming July? My birthday is in July so I expect all of you to send me fan/hate mail with said stamps. I’m serious, people.

Like many of you, I couldn’t wait for the Sunday …

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