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The Losers Aren’t So Loser-y

What do we think about this Vertigo adaption? Pretty decent cast with Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian from Watchmen), Chris Evans (Johnny Storm from F4) and a slew of others. The Losers is out April 9. According to IMDB, the plot is as follows: “After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root …

Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today: Technotise

So I didn’t find anything over the weekend that caught me off guard or I didn’t already know about. But late last night, a tipster sent over a fan made trailer for a live action version of Aleksa Gajić and Darko Grkinić’s Serbian comic Technotise. I know nothing about this comic or the animated sequel, Technotise: Edit & I

Gone With the Wind … With Vampires

This is great.

In the vein of the clever sci-fi/classic mashup Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes this faux film trailer, Gone With the Wind With Vampires.

Yeah, Rhett Butler’s a vampire – and he still doesn’t give a damn.

(via whoiseyevan)

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Freeze Frame: Avatar’s Deep Horizons

This is part of an ongoing weekly series called “Freeze Frame,” where we break down our very favorite sci-fi/fantasy/adventure moments – the scenes that we look forward to, that remind us why we so love this job. As you might guess, such discussions are riddled with spoilers. So consider yourself warned. (See previous Freeze Frame

The Best Review of ‘Avatar’ I’ve Ever Seen

Sick of Avatar yet? Good, because you’re going to want to see this.

This two-part Avatar analysis is half rant, half film facade breakdown. More than a comical comparison of James Cameron’s block busting techniques, it breaks down the plots, sub plots and character development to explain why the entire world has been sucked under the …

Interview with “45” creator Andi Ewington

On Wednesday (2/3/10) comics publisher Com.X is releasing a new title “45” by debut writer Andi Ewington. “45” is the story of journalist James Stanley, an expectant father in a world not unlike our own where on rare occasions babies are born with super powers. These individuals have what is known as the super-s gene and the lives they …

New Comics for 2/3/10

Here’s the list of all the comics that are supposed to ship on Wednesday. I say supposed to because I’ve been reading rumors that a truck carrying certain Marvel titles crashed on its way to the Diamond distributor. It’s not yet clear what that will mean for your local comic shop, though it sounds like some variant covers were destroyed. …

Reaction Time: Caprica Returns, Zoe Awakens, Mommy Goes Berserk

Wow – talk about the worst memorial service ever.

Caprica is now officially back in action, pushing beyond that first pilot with a story that was less about the building of Cylons and the conspiring of two fathers to resurrect avatars of their dead daughters than about how in the wake of a tragedy, everything has started falling …

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