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Clip it: Paramount Cashes In

If you’re the type of person who thinks clips from Mission: Impossible might help you sell your new line of organic doggie pajamas, well, isn’t this just your lucky day.

Paramount Pictures is now peddling movie clips to businesses through a new site,, which allows users to search through the Paramount Vault and …

It’s A Christmas Irony, Charlie Brown

It’s ironic, really, when you think about how A Charlie Brown Christmas has endured as a staple of the holiday season for 44 years. Leaning on a simple – even naive – theme of anti-consumerism, the Christmas special has emerged as one of the most recognizable – and profitable – brand names in holiday entertainment. It’s become, in some …

Branson Still Won’t Invite Me To Necker Island

I’d like to think that Sir Richard and I are homeboys by now, but several interviews later and I still don’t have an invite to Necker Island.

Heh. Just kidding, Sir Richard.

Sorry about the audio, but the interview was conducted via Ustream and Skype over Wi-Fi.

To be quite honest, everything I spoke to Sir Richard about is …

I Spent The Day At Ford and Almost Puked

A week or two before Techland launched, I trekked across the country to Michigan for the first time. Ford wanted me to take a spin in their VIRRTEX driving simulator and I happily obliged. Not that they paid for me to get there or put me up anywhere. I stayed at the Time house in Detroit. I’d never been to the Midwest and figured this …

Comics on our Pull List 12/16/09

This week the saga of Cap’s rebirth continues with Captain America Reborn #5. What will Cap do with the Red Skull behind the wheel? Guy Gardner, the sleeveless Green Lantern becomes so cheesed off he turns into a Red Lantern in the Green Lantern Corps #43. Incorruptible #1 shows us what happens when bad guys go good. It’s the flip side …

James Cameron Almost Died Making The Abyss

A few weeks ago I was sent an advance copy of Rebecca Winters Keegan’s The Futurist, which is an authorized bio of James Cameron. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Obviously I like his stuff, and he’s technically amazing. But I’m not exactly a Cameron fanatic. I’m an Alien guy, not an Aliens guy.

So I kicked it around my office for three

Preview: Dr. Grordbort Presents: Victory

Dr. Grordbort Presents: Victory

Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women, the year’s foremost journal of progressive armaments and weaponry! Behold the latest line of defense captured in action! Filled to the brim with firsthand tales of exploration and progress from the great heroes of our time, picture strips …

New Comics for 12/16/09

Christmas is not far away and for any comic fans out there that might be on the road visiting relatives or sandy beaches make sure your local comic shop puts the right stuff on hold for you. Here’s what we can expect on Wednesday from all your favorite publishers. Check back on Tuesday to see what Techland is looking forward to …

Blue Boobs: The Avatar E-Mail Chain

Click Here For All of Techland’s Avatar Coverage

What follows is a minimally edited cut-and-paste of an e-mail exchange between the Techland staffers the morning after we saw Avatar.

Lev Grossman: Here’s my master theory about Avatar. Which I said last night. This is Cameron remaking Aliens from the aliens’ point of view. He …

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