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The Director Who Confronted (and Survived) ‘The Road’

I have yet to meet a fan of the novel “The Road” who thinks it can be adequately transferred to the movie screen. They talk about the sparse landscape, the stripped-down dialogue, the poetic prose, and wonder how in the world such a work could ever be captured in images, without making some serious concessions in the process. I’ve …

Wow: Penny Arcade Made a TV Show

No, seriously, they did. It’s here.

There is no other content to this post. It’s purely informational. If you are as major a PA fan as I am, you probably already know about it. Except you’re not as major a PA fan as I am. Because there is none majorer.

It’s a little under-edited. I mean, there’s a lot of PA here. But too much? Not …

Star Trek PSN Movie Giveaway

We’re back with a brand new giveaway just in time for Turkey Day. The folks at Paramount and PlayStation have been kick-ass enough to provide TECHLAND with 30 PSN download codes. If you don’t have a PlayStation 3 then this contest doesn’t really do much for you. Sorry. But for those of you who do, this is your lucky day. We’ll …

The Six Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time

A while back I mentioned that — for an unnamed publication, and for an unnamed sum — I’d agreed to name the six greatest fantasy novels of all time. The post got some great comments, a lot actually, and I think I promised I’d say when the piece actually came out.

Now it can be told. The unnamed publication was The Week. The unnamed …

Avatar Exclusive: First Look at ‘Interactive Trailer’

Banshee. Just add the term to your lexicon now – because after seeing the groundbreaking “interactive trailer” for “Avatar,” I’m more convinced than ever that these flying predators will go down as one of the more ferocious and memorable creatures in sci-fi history.

At noon (eastern) today, Twentieth Century Fox will …

Rain: Pop Star, Bodybuilder, Ninja Assassin

“Ninja Assassin” uses the full arsenal: Swords, chains, ninja stars, bamboo sticks, semi-automatics and even rocket launchers. Bodies are sliced, diced, mutilated and cut in half. The film’s very first swing of a sword involves the slicing of a man’s skull; his brains spill out as he tumbles over. All those girls who show up …

Wizard Rock: A Sneak Peek at Jingle Spells 3

The new album Jingle Spells 3 is up at The Leaky Cauldron. If you’re into wizard rock, you’re already over there. If you’re not into wizard rock, this will mean nothing to you. Let me help.

First, read this, in which I try to explain what wizard rock is. Second, read this: Jingle Spells is Leaky’s annual holiday-themed wizard rock …

New Comics for 11/25/09

Here’s the full list of every new comic hitting the stands on Wednesday, November 25th. Check back tomorrow to see what titles we’re most looking forward to from Marvel, DC, Image and all the rest. Here’s a hint.

Amazing Spider-Man #613
Avengers The Initiative #30
Criminal Sinners #2
Dark Avengers Ares #2
Dark Tower The …

Preview: Superman: Secret Origin #3

In conjunction with DC Comics, TECHLAND has a sneak peek at Geoff Johns’ Superman: Secret Origin #3. We have pages 10-14, so you’ll want to jump on over to DC first to catch the first nine pages. In issue #3 we find Clark Kent making his way to Metroplis. Hope you enjoy the preview.

[time-flipping-book …

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Wes Anderson Talks Puppetry Perfection

There’s a lot of competition this week for your Thanksgiving movie dollars. You’ve got the bloody martial arts of “Ninja Assassin.” The apocalyptic chills of “The Road.” But I’m rooting for a dark horse – or dark fox, rather – to take the crown this holiday weekend.

For all us elitist media types, Wes Anderson’s …

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