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Trade Paperback Bender

I’m always a few years behind what’s up in comics. Especially mainstream superhero stuff. Every time I pop into a store, I’ve missed like three Secret Crossover Crisis Infinite Civil Secret Continuity Change-Everything Wars. But all the good stuff is reprinted in trade form, so buying comics is kind of like going to the butcher. I …

Terminator Salvation: A Nerd’s Notes

I couldn’t really call myself a scholar of the Terminator franchise. Mostly what distinguishes me from other Terminator fans is my unusual ability to enjoy and re-watch T3: Rise of the Machines. This is partly though not entirely accounted for by my lingering celebrity crush on Claire Danes. (True story: I used to live with someone who …

Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Trailer

It’s here. You’ve probably seen it. Let’s put it here too:

I wonder why I’m not more stoked about this. I mean, love Robert Downey, Jr. I could watch him shave. I often do, through a telephoto lens, outside his heavily guarded estate. But this feels like a bit of a mess to me — like Guy Ritchie trying really hard not to be Guy …

How to Nerd an American Quilt

Like many of you, I have a giant plastic container in my garage, crammed full of old t-shirts that I will never wear again. These t-shirts were acquired during the many activities typical of an unadventurous, white-person poseur existence. (A college lacrosse shirt, even though I have never touched a lacrosse stick; an MTV Half-Hour

Swartzwelder Alert!

John Swartzwelder, the man who wrote the line, “Here’s to alcohol.  The cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems,” has a new book out.  More jokes about aliens, time-travel, punching, and throwing fire-crackers into the jars of super-intelligent brains from the future.

The Trailer for ‘The Road’ Is Up

It’s here.

The wife ain’t around nearly that much in the book, on account of her being dead. And there are a few more Tusken Raiders than I remember. Otherwise it looks like a very faithful adaptation. In other words it’s kill-yourself depressing. Save the last bullet for me, Viggo.

Nobody Ret-Cons Da Blob!

Hey dere! It’s everyone’s favorite fatso Da Blob here, with my review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As a whole, Da Blob liked dis dere picture. Dere was plenty of brawlin’ and bashin’, and what else do youse guys need? And da fans got to see da origin of Wolverine’s leather jacket, which was something we was all a-wonderin about. He …

An Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin

The other day I took a subway to the Upper East Side where I met Ursula K. Le Guin in the lobby of a Courtyard Marriott. We agreed that it was one of the most depressing hotel lobbies we had ever seen, but she was in town to speak at the 92nd St. Y, and her regular hotel was under construction, so there we were.

Which is quite …

Seven iPhone Apps for New Moms

From games that keep toddlers busy while they wait, to sounds that capture a babies’ smile, to nursing trackers that help make feeding newborns a little easier, picks the top apps to download for a new mom this mother’s days.

The New Star Trek: A Fan’s Notes

As I’m not a real movie critic, I like to do my reviews in the form of thoughts-I-had-while-watching. Also that saves me the trouble of having an argument, or putting in transitions between paragraphs. Here goes. Minimal spoilers before the jump, bigger spoilers after.

(For thoughts I had before watching, click here.) (Also, we do …

Chris Ware: Genius or Not-Genius?

I know I’m supposed to say “genius.” But I can never quite decide. After watching this video I’m no closer to making up my mind. But I kind of want to watch it again.

I like the part where the severed head cries.

Update: Well, they took it down for some reason. Maybe the awesome traffic from Nerd World crushed their server. Please …

Zombie Tolkien Releases New Book 36 Years After Death

Truly, J.R.R. Tolkien is the Tupac Shakur of the literary world. His son Christopher has once again raided the fell barrow where his corpse resides and found still another unpublished manuscript there, entitled The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún. It goes on sale today.

That sounded sarcastic. The new book is definitely a legitimate, …

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