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Cooking: Nerdy or Not Nerdy? The Case for the Gastro-Nerd

I cook a lot. I didn’t used to. My father lives on Saltines, and my mother is English, so all in all we weren’t a big food house. Plus I thought of cooking as something cool people did. Cool is not really my department. Nerds are supposed to live on vending machine food. Which I did for a long time.

But you know, sometimes I watched …

A Crazy Ending Where Something Happens

This may be the blog turf of Time TV critic James Ponzionsoinzweik, but I had to bring it up. ABC’s Life on Mars just aired its series finale. And when my friend’s mom told him what the show’s twist ending was, and he told me, I had to see it for myself. Now, I never watched the American version of the program, but I would argue …

Obligatory Star Trek on Family Guy Post

The full cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation was on Family Guy last night. (Also apparently Meg gets religion.) I didn’t see it then. But I’m watching it right now. So can you! Because it’s on Hulu.

(Here at Time we’ve invented a new kind of blog where you can’t embed Hulu videos. So a link is all you get.)

Why I Worry About the Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Posting about the Where the Wild Things Are trailer has already, in 24 hours, become the trucker hat of nerdblogging. Who am I to defy the status quo? Nobody, that’s who.

I initially held off on a post about this trailer because … I didn’t like it. I yield to nobody in my love for Spike Jonze, or at least Being John Malkovich.

Dollhouse, Episode 6: A Viewer’s Notes

I finally got to watch Friday night’s Dollhouse yesterday. It’s currently the only episodic television I follow, and I’m a little at a loss to explain its hold over me. But that’s not stopping me from having opinions about it! To wit:

— Obviously, there’s a lot of sex stuff implicit in the whole Dollhouse premise. I’m starting to …

Is Kick-Ass the New Watchmen?

The new Tripwire Special is here — Tripwire being an estimable British comics magazine. The real revelation for me in this ish was a piece about Kick-Ass, a comic I had not previously heard of, but which not only exists but is about to become a movie, very possibly a movie I want to see, for a few different reasons. Reason One, the …

Guest Blogger: The Simpsons’ Tim Long

Hi! I’m Tim Long, a colleague of Matt Selman’s on The Simpsons writing staff. I’m subbing for Matt today while he works on next week’s blog post, an elaborate parody of X-Men Origins – Wolverine entitled, Breakfast Men Origins – Chocula.

My subject today is this:

“I can’t deny that I’m a nerd” – Katie …

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