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Cold Noir

You know what? I like Swedish mystery thrillers. It seemed like everyone was reading breakout Swede hit, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, so I gave it a look. (By which I mean, “a listen,” thanks to I’ve also recently read several books by the Jonathan Kellerman of Sweden detective writers,

The Return of Alan Moore: New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Not that Moore ever went away. But it makes for a better headline.

It’s funny, with all the fuss over Watchmen, you’d almost get the impression that Moore wasn’t still around and writing. Because he’s not participating, everybody sort of talks about him like he’s dead. And I did wonder after the surreal, semi-apocalyptic ending of

The Transformers 2 Trailer: Full of Win

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve rewatched the Transformers 2 trailer a few times:

I liked the part where the humans died.

There are reasonable odds that the trailer, by virtue of its awesomeness and brevity, will be better than the actual movie — as if Michael Bay were mounting a deconstruction of the patriarchal dominance …

My Own Private Watchmen

There is a press blackout on reviewing the Watchmen movie until March 6. However, I’ve seen the movie, and I’m not press. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write a review of Watchmen. What I am going to write about is the emotional experience of seeing a piece of literature with which I have an intense personal connection LITERALLY COME

Star Trek; Star Wars; Plus, My Death Was Somewhat Exaggerated

It is the the purpose of a virus to possess its host, then force that host to in turn create copies of the virus. This the viral videos below have done to me.

1. Robot Chicken‘s opera version of The Wrath of Khan:

It’s funny because the special effects in operas really do suck!

The Pleasures of Coraline

I am an unabashed Neil Gaiman partisan, and so I bring with me a deep affection to any adaptation of his books. (Instead of rose-colored glasses, perhaps I see Neil’s work through sewn-on button eyes.) I have every expectation that Neal Jordan’s Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book will be a classic. I do so want someone to make

The Donnie Darko Sequel

I somehow missed it when they posted a teaser-trailer for a sequel to Donnie Darko called S. Darko:

It’s not clear to me from this what connection if any Richard Kelly, who created Donnie Darko, has with this. (Though S. Darko — that’s Samantha, Donnie’s little sister — is played by the same actress as in the original.) What is …

Now In Paper-Vision: The Future of Books. And TV.

I wrote two articles for Time this week. Two. Because that’s how I roll. I roll prolific.

Article #1: A piece about the great switchover to digital TV — the “analog sunset,” if you will — which is supposed to happen on February 17. Except now, maybe not. My advanced polling techniques suggest to me that this event will not affect …

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