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A Twitter Record That Has Nothing to do with Justin Bieber

At the news that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces, Twitter erupted with posts.

The news itself has roots in the microblog, as one of the first public declarations of bin Laden’s death was pushed out in under 140 characters by Navy Reserve intel officer Keith Urbahn. “So I’m told by a reputable person …

Facebook Comment Editing Arrives at Last

Did you just write something stupid on Facebook? Delete no more, my friend, because Facebook comment editing is finally here.

The ability to edit Facebook comments extends only to replies for existing status updates and wall posts. It won’t work for status updates themselves.

To edit, just click the “X” next to the comment, as if …

Goodbye, Friendster, I Never Used You

Friendster, the social network that preceded Facebook and MySpace, is being dismantled.

Although the service will live on, users are now being prompted to back up photos, blogs, comments and groups. On May 31, Friendster will delete all this information in preparation for a relaunch. Friends lists and basic profile information will be …

Facebook Adds a Send Button

Had enough of Liking? That’s cool, because Facebook’s just announced a new trick: Sending.

The new feature was unveiled yesterday on the site’s developers blog, and it’s been introduced to deal with something Facebook isn’t well known for: sharing privately.

The Like button, as used on Facebook itself and on thousands of other …

Should Twitter Beware an UberMedia Rival?

Tell folks to stop making Twitter clients (as Twitter just did) and what do they do? How about build a better Twitter.

CNN reports UberMedia may be planning to. Well, is planning to at least build a social network. And according to sources: One that’s ostensibly designed to go toe-to-toe (or tweet-to-tweet) with Twitter.

How do you …

Harvard Twins Lose Appeal to Quash Facebook Settlement

It’s the saga no one knew or cared much about until David Fincher’s The Social Network turned up the volume: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hoodwinks fellow Harvard students (and twins) Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss out of millions in Facebook profits. The twins sue and win some of those millions in a settlement. But it turns out …

Twitter and Facebook Users: Getting Social on Fridays

Feeling guilty for sneaking in those few minutes of checking status updates or tweets at your work desk? Don’t. It’s Friday and, according to new research, you aren’t alone in your social media longings.

After analyzing more than 200 of its clients’ Facebook pages over two weeks, Buddy Media found that social media engagement …

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