Social Networking

Facebook Unveils Cool New Servers, and Shares Them with the World

How does Facebook serve up its social network to more than half a billion people around the world–and do it with surprisingly few outages and glitches? It started out seven years ago by leasing servers in data centers as it needed them. Eighteen months ago, it built its own massive data center in Prineville, Oregon–and decided to

Bad News for Murdoch: The Daily on the Decline

Isn’t it supposed to be the new age of journalism where tech-savvy readers tout their tablets to catch up on the day’s latest headlines? Well, that’s what The Daily thought.

But new data reveals that News Corp’s iPad-only paper isn’t living up to its hype.

According to a Niemen Journalism Lab analysis based off of Twitter …

Obama To Host Town Hall Meeting on Facebook

President Obama’s never been one to shun social media.

Wait, who are we kidding? We know the guy loves it (note his 2012 campaign opening on Facebook).

So his new announcement to hold a town-hall style forum on Facebook later this month should come as no surprise.

Mr. Obama will visit Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, …

If You Use Twitter, You’re Probably One of These Dots

If you have a Twitter account, there’s a very good chance that you are one of the millions of tiny dots on this chart.

That’s because Rob Weir has been watching Twitter’s publicly available data since 2009, patiently aggregating it so he had a huge dataset to work with.

Then he began making graphs, plotting individual Twitter …

Facebook May Be Reading Your Words for Real-Time Ads

Facebook just cranked up the creepiness factor for a small percentage of users.

According to Ad Age, the social network is testing real-time data mining of status updates and wall posts. So if you announce to the world that you just had a baby, Facebook might immediately respond with an ad for diapers. For now, instant data mining is …

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