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Twitter Says It Won’t Ignore China Forever

Twitter’s Biz Stone says that one day, the company might have to deal with China regarding its policy on censorship. That doesn’t mean the company is ready to take action just yet, though.

Along with LinkedIn, Facebook and other web services, Twitter is just one of many websites blocked to the Chinese populace through what’s …

Color: A Social-Networking Phone App That Connects to People Around You

Word to the wise: This app is not for people who can’t handle Foursquare. But if you can get past sharing your location to the world (and love to tweet and Facebook with rabid enthusiasm), Color, a social-network-slash-phone-app, is an interesting social network that’s designed to meet people.

Color is basically a smartphone …

Why Did Facebook Buy Snaptu?

When Apple invented the App Store, it invented a whole new way of selling software – one so popular that other tech companies have rushed to build their own clones of the same idea.

Is Facebook among them? Possibly so, given the weekend’s news that it has signed a deal to buy UK/Israeli mobile technology company Snaptu.

What is

Europe to Get Tough on Facebook Privacy Issues?

European politicians are a circumspect bunch: they don’t tend to call out American tech companies directly. Still, the speech that European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Viviane Reding delivered yesterday left little doubt that the European Union is giving Facebook and Google Street View the stinkeye over …

Facebook Deals: Forever Alone No More

No one likes to be alone.

The powers behind Facebook have been monitoring our constant stream of nonsensical status updates, and they see that we hate to do things by ourselves. Does anyone care about what salad we ate for lunch? No. So why do we write about it? We’re hoping that someone is sharing the minutia of our day, even if it …

Twitter Boosts Security with Permanent HTTPS Support

First Google did it, then Facebook, and now Twitter’s following suit, adding an option to permanently shore up your account’s defenses courtesy the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, commonly abbreviated HTTPS.

Normally you type ‘http’ into your URL bar to conjure a website, but if you’ve ever used a service like online banking, you …

Tiny Facebook Change Might Catch Out Fast Typists

Be careful if you’re typing something on your Facebook wall today: the social network has made a tiny change to how things work.

As detailed by the Next Web, Facebook’s “Comment” button has disappeared. Now you just need to hit the Enter or Return key to post your comment. If you want a paragraph break in the comment, you have to

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