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PostPost: A Social Newspaper for Facebook Users

For Facebook users who don’t have time to delve into their Facebook newsfeed every day, PostPost is something you may want to give a test drive. A real-time “social newspaper,” PostPost is a web-based service created from what your friends post on Facebook, and only the latest in a series of social news aggregators. It’s kind of like

‘Check-In’ For Holiday Savings: How To Find Location-Based Deals

Haven’t jumped on the geotag bandwagon yet? You might not see the point, but what if it could save you money?

As of now, we think of location-based networks as places for narcissistic web-a-holics who believe the Internet is actually interested in their mid-day Starbucks visit. (We really, really don’t.) But, what constant …

Facebook’s New Profile: Keep Calm & Carry On

Personal information and photos are the focus of Facebook’s latest profile redesign. Unveiled Sunday during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s TV interview with 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl, the changes are already available to all users who wish to upgrade before the mandatory switch is made within the next few weeks.

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Disney Hits 100 Million Facebook Fans

Think you have a strong Facebook presence? Think again. Walt Disney just reported Sunday that it surpassed 100 million fans across their network of Facebook fan pages. Not a bad birthday present for a company celebrating Walt Disney’s 109th birthday. Disney’s network of pages includes over 200 official pages, some of which are: Disney, …

World AIDS Day: For Awareness, Charities Turn To Social Media

Telethons no more: Non-profits around the world are working to raise AIDS awareness via social media.

Silent For A Cause:

The Digital Life Sacrifice campaign, lead by singer Alicia Keys, is raising money for the Keep A Child Alive fund, which provides support to people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. To raise finances, …

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