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Virtual Book Club: Five Great Social Reading Sites

Book lovers, take note: The best reading buddies might not frequent your local bookstores.

If you’re tired of testing book clubs that somehow always seem to be covers for mindless gossip, take your love of lit to the web. Social reading sites have become the new meeting place for book lovers, as comment threads double as circled …

Facebook To Trademark “Face”

Facebook is one step closer to trade marking the word, “face.” The very idea would be ridiculous if it wasn’t proof of the company’s rapid escalation within the race for web sovereignty.

More on Techland: MySpace Integrates Facebook

The trademark, which only applies to the word “face” when it’s used for online …

MySpace Integrates Facebook, Universe Doesn’t Collapse

You can now log into the social network that nobody uses anymore with your username and password from the social network everyone uses. And with that, MySpace has pretty much given up on trying to be a social network in the interest of serving as a personalized entertainment site instead.

That’s actually pretty smart.

You can now …

Facebook & Microsoft Office Team Up For E-Mail Attachments

With Facebook’s new messaging service announcement, comes news of a new relationship. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg has ‘friended’ Microsoft.

As the Facebook ‘non-email’ rolls out over the next few months, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps will enable users to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs inside the Facebook browser …

Facebook Launches New Mobile Tools, Location Based Deals

Facebook launched a whole heaping helping of mobile stuff today. Fun fact: President Obama had the audacity to hold a live press conference at the same time. What’s with that guy?! And the Giants had their World Series parade at the same time. What’s with those guys?!

Here’s what’s coming from …

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