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The Techland Show: One Man Wolf Pack Edition

When I was young, I never needed anyone
And makin’ love was just for fun
Those days are gone
Livin’ alone, I think of all the friends I’ve known
But when I dial the telephone, nobody’s home.

All by myself, don’t wanna be
All by myself anymore
All by myself, don’t wanna live
All by myself anymore.

Eric Carmen, you know …

Two Minute Video: Sexy iPad Or Cute Netbook? The Debate In Dating Terms

Now that the initial iPad hysteria has subsided somewhat, you, the level-headed, analytical consumer that you are, may wonder whether you should buy an iPad or spend that money on a nice netbook. The technical debate has been ongoing for quite some time—netbooks are cheaper and more powerful, while the iPad is lighter and more fun with …

Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope Trailer

What a strange amalgamation of over 400 15-second user generated clips. I’m sort of speechless.

The first public screening of Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope will take place in Copenhagen at CPH:PIX on the 19th of this month with screenings in NYC to follow.

Find the rest of the Uncut shenanigans over at Star Wars Uncut.

Gears of War 3 Trailer: Ashes to Ashes

Little known fact: I love the Gears of War franchise. Love. It.

By now you’ve read Evan’s interview with Cliffy B., so news of Gears of War 3 is old by Internet standards, but maybe not. In any case, here is the debut trailer for Gears 3.

Is there anything more epic than a Gears trailer?

Two Minute Video: How Cheap is Your Cell? Techland Compares Plans

Shopping for a cell phone service plan presents a dizzying array of options, add-ons, and pricing structures. Here’s a look at several plans from the four major cell carriers. We’ll take a look at the cheapest personal voice plan, cheapest personal voice and texting plan, cheapest personal everything plan, and a couple of family …

Will It Blend? iPad Edition

Fanboys, avert your eyes. The folks at Blendtec, purveyors of a line of uber-powerful blenders and producers of one of the Internet’s most awesome viral video franchises, celebrated the much ballyhooed launch of the iPad by buying one, tossing it in a blender and throwing on the switch. Well, only after after they crushed, smacked, …

In Which Penny Arcade Picks the Championship Monster Madness Matchup

So, Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade dropped by the offices earlier this week in between book tour duties and we decided to ask them to pick the winners of our Final Four matchups for Monster Madness. Well, we asked them a bunch of stuff. This is the first of many Penny Arcade-related stories we have banked. Expect a few more next …

Odd Todd & the Merits of 3D Porn

The age of 3D is upon us, and though we certainly aren’t ignoring the simple pleasures of polarized technologies, we still have yet to fully embrace the change. That, and 3D TVs are still crazy expensive. Over at Time.com, Odd Todd explains the 3D process but more importantly, gives us a glimpse of exactly what it’s going to take for 3D …

PAX East 2010: Wil Wheaton Keynote Video

Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stand By Me fame gives the inaugural keynote address at PAX East 2010. Wheaton discusses his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons, the strong friendships formed around gaming, and how the line between television, movies, and video games as entertainment mediums gets blurrier all the …

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