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High-Quality Skype Calls on the Cheap

Normally when I catch wind of a product that promises to be “enhanced for this” or “optimized for that” I chalk it up to marketing spin and assume it’ll be priced higher than it should be with the hopes of duping casual consumers into buying it. Such was the case with the Freetalk Everyman Headset for Skype, a product that promises …

Trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron Just Blew My Mind

Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised with Luxoflux’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but now that I’ve seen High Moon’s War for Cybertron I feel ashamed for endorsing the title. Like, really ashamed. High Moon is best known for Darkwatch and Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy. This trailer is not indicative of how the …

Who Knew Vader Could Dance?

Star Wars in France: I’d like to imagine this is what happened when George Lucas got stoned with Sonny and Cher, plus green screen access.

To me, there is nothing more pitifully adorable than bad homages caught on film, and this latest disaster to go semi-viral would certainly be up there on my list of them. The Star Wars franchise …

The A-Team Trailer: So That Happened

“One year ago … an elite commando unit … was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit.”

Unlike most people watching this trailer, I’m actually interested in the informational content of the voice-over. That’s because I never saw the original “A-Team.” In the part of your brain where you’re supposed to have hours and hours of …

Virtual Console Classics vs. WiiWare Remixes

One of the best aspects of the Nintendo Wii is the ability to download old-school NES games for $5 a pop. But a trend’s been emerging lately; some classic old franchises are making their way into the WiiWare downloads section, a section that’s normally reserved for games from independent developers and shorter titles from well-known game …

Google Earth Android Demo

Here’s a short video I took of Google’s Google Earth Android app from yesterday’s Nexus One press conference. Check out our hands-on here, specs here and if you missed the live blog then you can find that here.

Angel Ass Kicking In New “Legion” Clip

Yahoo posted this new clip from Legion – 40 seconds of what looks to be the makings of an epic battle between ex-angel Michael (Paul Bettany) and still-winged Gabriel (Kevin Durand). I was worried that some of the action would look a little, well … girly due to the volume of male actors flopping around in wings, but from the looks of …

Is a Time Machine Really Possible?

Time travel is a perennial favorite trope of science fiction and has been ever since I went back to the 1890s and mentioned the idea to H.G. Wells.

Who hasn’t fantasized about it, in one form or another?… to see dinosaurs with your own two eyes, or to tell your younger self to invest in Google, or to suggest to JFK that perhaps a …

Origins: Eli Roth, the “Hostel” Guy

The Hostel director and Inglourious Basterds co-star talks to TIME contributing nerd Gilbert Cruz about his creative influences.

At NYU film school in the early ’90’s, Eli Roth decorated his entire dorm floor as a shrine to Reservoir Dogs. “I thought it was the most important American film to come along in 50 years, the movie that …

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