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The Techland Show: Guest Host Edition

We’ve got a guest star for this week’s Techland Show: Me. Mr. culture/tv/movies. The guy who can’t really play video games – though I did have a glorious few years as a devoted player of Counter Strike. I was the sniper on Dust, who waited patiently to pick you off one by one. You mocked me for slowing down the gameplay.

Now …

Wii Fit Plus Review

With the holiday season now officially in full swing, most American waistbands will be taking the bullet train to Fat City with stops at Flab Creek, Pudge Crossing, and Chub Junction. And while many of us won’t experience any shortage of delicious holiday treats, we’ll almost certainly all be short on time.

For about the price of a …

Stop-motion Halo LEGO Movie Trailer

While Lev is out on vacation this week, I’ll be taking over the Halo mantle. Here we have a ridiculously awesome stop-motion trailer for a Halo inspired LEGO movie that’s slated to come out next year. I honestly don’t see the obsession with this franchise. But such devotion needs to be applauded.

Kooberz Studios via Giz

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Image United #1 Leaked

So that’s not entirely accurate, but Rob Liefeld did just post video of his two sons rifling through the first issue of Image United, which comes out next Wednesday. It’s hard to see all the new pages because of the video quality, but a few choice panels were caught on tape. In case you missed it earlier this week, Image United writer …

The Techland Show: Shooting Civilians Is Wrong

Yes, we did another Techland show. We do it every Thursday morning. But we pretend it’s Friday in order to maintain the cinematic illusion. What you see is not scripted or staged. We actually come up with that amazing material on the fly.

Except for Peter. Peter uses a stunt double.

Fans Wait in the Rain for New Super Mario Bros. Wii

If you were visiting Rockefeller Center in New York City this past Saturday, you may have noticed throngs of people getting drenched while a DJ spun innocuous hits from Coldplay.

The rain-soaked ruckus was all for the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii at the Nintendo World Store, where Mario fans were able purchase their copy of …

Arvid Nelson Adapts Deadlocke, Loves Heavy Metal

Arvid Nelson’s Deadlocke, which is an adaptation of Christopher Krovatin’s Venomous is out today as a one-shot. Thanks to Dark Horse, TECHLAND has a candid video of Nelson chatting about Deadlocke and Rex Mundi among other things. The cover alone looks pretty cool, right?

In modern-day New York City, a ragtag group of rebellious

Origins: Guillermo del Toro

The Hobbit director talks to TIME contributing nerd Gilbert Cruz about his creative influences.

Guillermo del Toro might be one of Hollywood’s ultimate horror film nerds. In a semi-homage to Forrest J. Ackerman (the godfather of all things genre), the director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, and the Hellboy films purchased a second …

Tony Hawk Admits That ‘RIDE’ Tony Is a Better Skater, Sort Of

Few people can say that they’ve ever had their own video game, but Tony Hawk is no ordinary mortal. He’s won multiple gold medals at the X-Games and was the first skater to land a 900. But I’d have to say all of that pales in comparison to what he achieved today and that’s launching his 10th signature video game. ‘RIDE’ is …

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