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Welcome to TECHLAND

Welcome to TECHLAND. If you’re joining us from our previous perch over at Lev’s Nerd World blog then expect to see a lot of the same thing, but on a much larger scale. I know. It’s different, unfamiliar and somewhat frightening. We’re creatures of comfort and steer clear of change if we can help it but this is something different …

Star Trek DVD Exclusive: Spock, Before and After

The “Star Trek” Blu-ray is set to hit stores Tuesday, and not only does it sparkle in high-def, but there are some serious extras worth your time.

First off, the high points in terms of picture and sound: The thrilling opening sequence (we learn through the director’s commentary that this represents only a fraction of the opening …

TIME 100 Tech Roundtable

TIME’s Josh Quittner talks with the founders of Linden Labs, Digg, Perceptive Pixel and TechCrunch about the future of technology.

The Prince of Persia Movie Trailer

Only by taking … this dagger … to the secret guardian temple … can you make me stop breathlessly uttering exposition …

Judging by their accents, Persia is somewhere not very far from London.

American McGee’s Return of Alice Trailer

Lev and I are both big fans of McGee’s original Alice and over the weekend a trailer for the sequel hit the Web. It looks absolutely batsh*t crazy. The Return of Alice is slated for a 2011 launch on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Let’s talk about what happened…

Update: It turns out that this is a fan made trailer that American and Spicy …

New Bioshock 2 Trailer

It’s above.

Everything’s bigger, faster, louder — in other words very sequel-y. But it’s still about moral choices, people. You’re not actually supposed to enjoy incinerating splicers with your awesome plasmids!

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