White iPhones Delayed Again

Looks like there’s yet another iPhone 4 snafoo. Apple announced today that it will delay the release date of the white iPhone 4s until “sometime later this year,” due to manufacturing difficulties. (The phones were delayed a first time in June.) Here’s the official (very brief) statement:

White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have

iPhone 4 Reception Ouchie? Try Antennaids.

To correct its iPhone 4 antenna issue (or lack thereof, according to Apple), the company is doling out free bumpers to every customer who buys an iphone 4 before September 30. But for a quick, oh-so cute fix, try Antennaids. For $5, these Band-Aid like stickers will buffer that nasty reception death grip with just a hint of hip …

Live Apple iPhone 4 Coverage

We’ll be getting started in a few minutes, folks. Strap in.

Looks like we’re going to have to do this old school style. Updates will be oldest to newest. Refresh at your leisure.

1:03PM ET: Small turnout. Must have been the short notice. About half the Town Hall is packed.

1:04PM ET: No photos for this one, folks. Trying to …

Jobs Knew About iPhone 4 Reception Issues, Says Apple Engineer

Bloomberg is reporting that a senior Apple engineer had warned upper management that the iPhone 4’s design could lead to issues with reception.

Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and “antenna expert” at Apple, is said to have been vocal about the possibility of dropped calls due to hardware design. Another unnamed source …

iPhone 4 Press Conference Slated For Friday

Apple Inc. will be holding a press conference this Friday at 1PM ET in Cupertino at its headquarters to address the iPhone 4. Calls and e-mails from Apple PR to various news outlets began last night around 8PM ET.

Before the July 4th holiday weekend Consumer Reports issued a report stating that the reception issues suffered by …

The Daily Dose

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Microsoft Exec Mocks iPhone 4, Dubs It Apple’s Vista [Computerworld]


The Trouble At Twitter Inc. [Gawker]
Every Week Apple Doesn’t Act On iPhone 4 Antenna Could Cost $200 Million [Apple Insider]
US Government Lifts Lid On …

Apple Looking To Ditch Google With Another Mapping Company Acquisition

Reports out of Canada indicate Apple has acquired its second mapping company in less than 12 months. Poly9, a Quebec-based company specializing in interactive 3D mapping software is the same company that NORAD contracted to track Santa Claus’ escapades on the eve of Christmas.

There’s no official word from either side but the …

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