Apple Event Confirmed For January 27

It’s on like Donkey Kong. Techland will be on the ground in San Francisco for the event on the 27th. Gather round your computers at 10AM PST for live coverage of the event.

(More on Techland: Roundup Of Apple Tablet Rumors)

Please join us for an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on

NYT To Charge Online, Apple Content Deals Abound

NY Mag seems to have it on good authority that the NYT will soon announce a content partnership with Apple to coincide with the purported Tablet announcement on the 27th. The subscription model for the Times would allow readers a few free samplings before being asked to subscribe, says NY Mag. Several sources at the Times say the …

Roundup Of Apple Tablet Rumors

Again, I’m not keen on posting rumors unless they come from legit sources or outlets. BGR has supposedly been tipped off from an Apple source on the Tablet. Here’s what he/she/it had to say.

• The tablet’s multi-touch gestures are “out of control.”
• It’s powered by an incredibly fast ARM CPU
• It runs on the iPhone

What OS Will Apple’s Tablet Run? iTunes, Anyone?

So I’m in Seattle last week and I’m having a few drinks with an old co-worker from TechCrunch, Devin Coldewey, and we’re casually chit chatting about gadgets and tech. The conversation goes from 3D filmmaking since we’re talking about how cool Avatar is and then the subject of Apple’s tablet comes up. I steer the conversation …

What We’re Looking Forward To In 2010: Gadgets

In a little over a week I’ll be in Las Vegas for CES. It’s my hope – along with every other tech journo – that the annual trade show will serve as center stage for some groundbreaking announcement by a major (or minor) CE company. It’s doubtful, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t expect Palm to make as big a splash as they did …

AT&T Admits Service Stinks In San Francisco and NYC

AT&T is well aware of their subpar level of service in Manhattan and San Francisco. That much is true. They even released an app earlier this week giving users the ability to “Mark the Spot” (iTunes Link) where service has basically crapped out. The problem with the app is that if you live in either city the chances of you being able …

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