Why HP Is Getting Out of the Consumer Game

Hewlett Packard has abruptly announced that it’s getting out of the smartphone and tablet game, a little over a month after it launched its TouchPad tablet and around two years after it ponied up almost $2 billion to buy Palm for its mobile “WebOS” software. Speculation about such a decision has been brewing in recent months, though HP …

Windows-Based MacBook Air Competitors May Be Pricier than Anticipated

The promise of Windows-based “ultrabooks” is an intriguing one. They’re coming later this year and they’ll sport super-thin, super-light designs similar to those found in Apple’s MacBook Air line of notebooks.

As Windows machines, there may have been an expectation that they’d cost less than similarly-outfitted MacBook Air models. …

If at First You Don’t Succeed in Killing the iPad, Try, Try Again

I’m pretty sure this statement isn’t going to create a firestorm of controversy: HP’s TouchPad, in its initial form, isn’t going to keep Steve Jobs or anyone else at Apple up at night. I reviewed the tablet for this week’s Technologizer column on TIME.com, and while it has some good points–especially the WebOS interface–it’s remarkably …

Number One Plus: Can HP Tablets Take Down the iPad?

HP’s TouchPad tablet is due out this summer and, speaking to the press recently, HP’s Eric Cador said, “In the tablet world, we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.”

That’s a direct shot at Apple’s iPad, though Cador didn’t specify a timeframe or explain how his company plans to take the top spot in …

New Mouse from HP Connects to Your Computer over Wi-Fi

So there I was on the train from Boston to New York. I like the Quiet Car. It’s capitalized because it’s important that people in the Quiet Car REMAIN QUIET FOR THE ENTIRE TRIP. And still waters run deep if you’re like me.

Some guy across the row started jaw-jacking and asking questions about the laptop I had with me. It was a model …

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