Halo: Reach Hits 3 Million in A Month, New Maps On The Way

The last Halo game by Bungie just keep breaking records. First, it generated $200 million in sales in its first day, rivaling the best movie releases of 2010, with 31,000,000 Games have been played during its first full week. And now comes news that the month-old sci-fi first-person shooter’s racked up more 3.3 million in sales since …

Two Minute Video: Can Windows Phone 7 Split the Difference?

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform may be able to split the difference between the heavily controlled-yet-polished structure of the iPhone platform and the almost overwhelming device, form factor, and carrier options available with the Android platform.

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Windows Phone 7 Ushers In Zune Support For Macs

The head of marketing for Windows Phone in the UK has unofficially confirmed via Twitter that support for Zune on the Mac is coming. The update has since been removed but Microsoft has confirmed that a public beta will be out this year allowing Windows Phone 7 users to sync “select content” with their Macs. Whether or not that means …

EA Mobile Onboard to Publish Windows Phone 7 Games

Electronic Arts will make Windows Phone 7 games after all. Microsoft’s recent press release indicates that these four titles will be available this fall: Need for Speed: Undercover, Tetris, The Sims 3, and Monopoly.

The games support Windows Phone 7’s Xbox Live integration, "featuring the unique ability to track and share scores with

Is AT&T’s U-Verse Coming to the Xbox 360 Next Week?

Engadget‘s reporting that AT&T’s content-delivery service will be landing on Microsoft’s game console as soon as next month. The telecom giant’s fiber-optic initiative has won accolades for its functionality and interface but U-Verse is only in available in 22 states as of now. Supposedly, a dashboard app compatible with the new Xbox 360 …

Windows Phone 7 Ads Show Us How Lame We Really Are

By now we’re used to seeing silly ads from Microsoft but the latest batch promoting Windows Phone 7 (featuring the HTC Mondrian) are spot on. I’m not saying things will change with a Windows Phone 7 device but they’ve managed to address a phenomenon that we can all relate to. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.


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