How Dangerous Is 3D, Really?

3D may be the new thing for movies, television and gaming, but just how safe is it…? As we reported yesterday, Nintendo recently posted a warning on its Japanese website that suggested that players take a break from 3D every thirty minutes, adding “For children under the age of 6, looking at 3D images for a long time could possibly …

Are Video Game Developers Growing an Industry For Apple Devices?

Nintendo and Playstation might be household names when it comes to gaming, but the graphics and portability of Apple’s iOS devices are making it a contender in the gaming market. It’s not cheap for developers, who have to pay a $99 licensing fee and a steep 25 percent in royalties after the first $5,000 in sales, but many are opting to …

“Super Mario All-Stars” 25th Anniversary Edition: For Completists Only

There’s a problem when you’re a company like Nintendo, which leans very heavily on its franchise characters year in, year out and constantly goes to its back catalogue. Eventually, you start to hit the bottom of the well and wind up re-packaging stuff that’s already been re-packaged.

Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition

Interview: Warren Spector Talks “Epic Mickey”

It’s probably no surprise that the man who’s orchestrated Mickey Mouse’s grand return to the video game stage is an animation buff of massive proportions. But, in the interview that follows, Warren Spector lets slip that the iconic mouse isn’t even his favorite Disney character. On the eve of the release of Disney Epic Mickey, the …

Of Mice and Mean: Disney’s “Epic Mickey” for Wii Review

Disney Epic Mickey
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Junction Point
Systems it’s available on: Wii
ESRB rating: E for Everybody
System reviewed on: Wii

I played Disney Epic Mickey as destructively and maliciously as I could. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it’s because I was always more of a Donald Duck fan. …

The Mythology of Mario: Q&A With Nintendo’s Legendary Shigeru Miyamoto

Sunday November 7th saw the 40th running of the New York City Marathon and thousands of runners journeyed through the city as fast as their feet could take them. One very special visitor to the city didn’t lace up a pair of New Balance but has nevertheless been running his own personal race for more than two decades.

2010 marks the …

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