Nintendo’s Wii U: Gimmicky, Practical, Fascinating

There are two sides to Nintendo’s Wii U, as I discovered after spending nearly an hour with the upcoming home gaming system at E3 last week. On one hand, it’s another platform for gimmicky, silly fun, just like the original Wii. On the other, it’s a practical hardware upgrade that wants to be more capable than its console …

Sega Says ‘Wii U’ Out Between May and August 2012

Worried you may have to wait until holiday 2012 for Nintendo’s newfangled console-tablet contraption? Don’t fret: Sega says the Wii U should be out around this time (or a few months later) next year.

In fact Sega’s using verbs like “is”—not “might,” “should,” or “could”—when talking Wii U release timetables.

“The Wii U is …

Wii U Specs Disclosed, Including 25GB Optical Discs

Don’t call it Blu-ray, but Blu-ray-like will do. Sites like sure got it wrong mid-April when they reported Nintendo’s next console would include a Blu-ray optical drive, but the gist of that rumor turns out to be half-true: mass storage several times greater than DVD’s increasingly constrained gigabyte maximum, only in a …

E3 2011: Nintendo Outs New ‘Wii U’ Console, 6-inch Touchscreen Controller

Nintendo has announced its new console, "Wii U."

The controller is the big draw here, with a built-in 6.2-inch touchscreen that you can use to either augment a game you’re playing on your TV or as the primary display for whatever you’re playing. So if someone wants to watch TV, for instance, you can keep playing your game on the

Now Nintendo Admits It Was Hacked, Says No Customer Data Stolen

As this week’s E3 games conference and debut of Nintendo’s Wii successor looms, Nintendo’s admitting that Sony’s not the only victim of hacktivist ne’er-do-wells—yep, Nintendo was hacked, too.

Nintendo acknowledged a security breach in a statement yesterday, explaining that its U.S. servers came under cyber-fire a few weeks ago, but …

$150 at Last: Nintendo Wii Officially Cheapest Game Console on Planet

Say what you will about its tired low-res graphics, often imprecise motion controls, and Himalayan mountain range of shovel-ware software, the Wii’s already won the most important lap in the current console wars: it’s in over 86 million households worldwide—tens of millions more than either Microsoft or Sony. And as of yesterday, May …

New Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer Teases High-Def Link

I have a shameful confession to make: I’ve never finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The furthest I’ve been? The water temple. That’s the three-quarters mark, true, but it might as well be the start, in view of the raves lavished on this game (you know, like “best game ever made in the history of civilization and frankly time …

Nintendo Drops Wii Price to $150

You’ve been waiting patiently since 2006 for Nintendo to drop the price of the Wii to $150, right? Well your wait will soon be over.

Starting May 15, you’ll be able to scoop up the console, a MotionPlus controller, Nunchuck controller, Mario Kart game, and Wii Wheel accessory for a suggested retail price of $150.

Seeing that prices …

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