Next iPad to Connect to More Networks?

The latest round of iPad 2 rumors to trickle out of Asia point to three different connection options: Wi-Fi, UMTS, and CDMA.

DigiTimes reports that “upstream component makers” have revealed the varying chipsets will be available options for Apple’s next tablet in an attempt “to satisfy market demand” for broader cellular network …

AT&T Unveiling Public Wi-Fi in SF, NYC

In an effort to improve phone service, AT&T is rolling out new public wi-fi hot spots for their customers in popular areas in San Francisco and New York City. Subscribers will be able to access the service in San Francisco’s Embarcadero area near Rincon Park later this year, according to the press release. For those in NYC, the Times …

Facebook Forecast 2011: Mobile & E-Commerce, But What About China?

There’s no denying: Facebook had a hell of a year.

From a media standpoint, its copious (and sometimes scandalous) headlines were a dream – even Hollywood agreed. There have been few stories to match Facebook’s, and when they come along, the world seems to pounce. But mistaking the company (or its 26-year-old billionaire CEO) as …

Samsung Prepping Android-based iPod Touch Competitor

Samsung is apparently readying an Android-based music player based on its popular line of “Galaxy S” smartphones.

The Galaxy Player will be similar to Apple’s iPod Touch in that it’ll basically be an Android phone without the phone part, much like the iPod Touch is more or less an iPhone without the cellular chipset.

Program To Track Your Missing Mac Laptop Free Until 2011

There’s a free application to track your missing iPhone, so why shouldn’t there be a free program to track your missing laptop?

In an act of Christmas spirit, Hidden is offering a free download of their laptop tracking application, good for iMacs or Mac Books. The program only activates when you go to Hidden’s official website and ask …

Facebook Blocks Links Over Spam Concerns

Due to a tidal wave of spam-filled links from’s URL shortener, Facebook has temporarily blocked the links from the site. “As part of our effort to keep Facebook and the people who use our service secure, we closely monitor the content shared on the site for spam and malicious content,” Facebook said of the blockage. …

Two Minute Video: Google’s Web-only Notebook, the Cr-48

Google’s web-only Chrome OS (operating system) will hit the consumer market next year, with several major manufacturers selling inexpensive notebooks that boot directly into a web browser–no desktop, no “Start Menu,” no “Dock,” just the web.

Until consumer products become available, Google has loaded Chrome OS onto a prototype …

Is Apple Joining The Search By Voice Command Game?

New job postings on the Apple site show that the company is interested in people who can develop speech recognition smartphone technology. While any person can just put two and two together and assume the company wants to improve their voice command features, which when I use it to call my dentist it calls my Mom at work, 9 to 5 Mac is

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