Apple Explains Why They Banned The Wikileaks App

The Wikileaks saga for freedom of the press will continue now that Apple has banned the Wikileaks App from their store. Apple claims that the app violated the law and could potentially put some people at risk. Here’s the cache since the App Store site is no longer available.

“We removed the WikiLeaks app from the App Store because …

EA Games CEO: PS3 Can Beat Out Xbox

The majority of Americans may own an Xbox 360, but EA Games CEO John Riccitiello believes that the PS3 is so much more popular overseas that it will eventually overtake Microsoft in this battle of game consoles. He told Industry Gamers:

I don’t think it’s either of those things. Honestly, I think that Microsoft has done great work

Sony Sticking By Google TV, 3D TVs

Sony says they are optimistic about Google TV and 3D TVs despite negative reviews, according to the New York Times. The company projected that Google TV and the 3D TV models would make them profitable in the TV manufacturing sector after six years of straight losses, but it looks like they are going to have to wait a bit …

Oh Amazon, Why Can’t You Be More Like iTunes?

Recent numbers show that iTunes accounts for about 66% of the downloadable music market, with Amazon trailing a distant second at around 13%. There are two big reasons Amazon should be kicking the bits out of iTunes, but Apple’s stubbornly immovable music service only seems to keep getting bigger and stronger.

Amazon beats iTunes in …

Yes, There’s a "FarmVille For Dummies" Book

How much of a dummy do you have to be to require a FarmVille For Dummies book? Apparently there are enough people out there who are having trouble with FarmVille to warrant an entire book to be published.

It won’t be available until mid-February, which would actually give you enough time to read all there is to know about FarmVille …

Could Twitter Games Replicate Farmville-Sized Success?

Fledgling social gaming company play140 wants to make your microblogging habit into addictive game play.

No doubt attempting to recreate the success of social gaming giant Zynga, the creator of online juggernaut Farmville, play140 is trying to jumpstart gaming a la tweets. And the company will make its attempt with very little …

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