Facebook’s New Profile: Keep Calm & Carry On

Personal information and photos are the focus of Facebook’s latest profile redesign. Unveiled Sunday during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s TV interview with 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl, the changes are already available to all users who wish to upgrade before the mandatory switch is made within the next few weeks.

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Disney Hits 100 Million Facebook Fans

Think you have a strong Facebook presence? Think again. Walt Disney just reported Sunday that it surpassed 100 million fans across their network of Facebook fan pages. Not a bad birthday present for a company celebrating Walt Disney’s 109th birthday. Disney’s network of pages includes over 200 official pages, some of which are: Disney, …

ESPN: People Aren’t Ditching Cable For Streaming TV

Though some are concerned that Netflix, online streaming, Google TV and other similar services might become the death knell for cable television, a new study conducted by ESPN says that not that many people are getting rid of their paid channels. A survey conducted from the same pool of people who Nielsen uses for their television show …

Through Computer History with Woz

Here in Silicon Valley, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is happily omnipresent–you might run into him in line at your local Apple Store, attending a conference, or going for the gold at a Segway Polo championship. On Thursday, I had my neatest Woz encounter to date: Along with other reporters, I got to participate in a Woz-led sneak peek …

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