Is AT&T’s U-Verse Coming to the Xbox 360 Next Week?

Engadget‘s reporting that AT&T’s content-delivery service will be landing on Microsoft’s game console as soon as next month. The telecom giant’s fiber-optic initiative has won accolades for its functionality and interface but U-Verse is only in available in 22 states as of now. Supposedly, a dashboard app compatible with the new Xbox 360 …

T-Mobile Responds to G2 Rooting Issue

Earlier in the week, we picked up on a trending topic over at the XDA forums that caused quite a stir in the Android community – the G2 was unrootable. According to the New America Foundation, the G2 has an embedded chip that resets the G2’s software back to “stock” once the device has been rebooted.

T-Mobile has responded to …

Apple in a ‘Quiet Panic’ Over iPhone 4 Cases Cracking Glass?

As part of the iPhone 4‘s design aesthetic, Apple decided to make the backside of the phone out of the same glass used on the front. Cool idea, right? You don’t see too many phones with the backside made of glass.

The problem with glass, believe it or not, is that it’s prone to cracking. It’s true! So with both sides of the phone made …

FriendShuffle: Cruise the Sites Your Facebook Friends Like

FriendShuffle takes the idea that you share similar interests with your Facebook friends and runs with it. You go to and sign in with your Facebook credentials, and then any web address—article, video, blog post, whatever—that one of your friends has tagged using Facebook’s "like" button will show up chronologically

Sprint Outs Three New Android Phones and Preset App Packs

Sprint is hoping to make installing apps on new Android phones a more streamlined experience with Sprint ID. The basic premise is pretty simple: the company has created several "packs" of similar applications—Entertainment, Socially Connected, Health and Fitness, Business Productivity, Sports, etc.—which users can download in one

WSJ Reports Verizon iPhone in 2011, Again

This is getting redundant and completely obnoxious.

The WSJ is yet again reporting that Apple and Verizon will release a CDMA version of the iPhone in early 2011 and that production will begin later this year. But this coming from the same reporter who wrote back in March that Verizon would be getting the iPhone this fall. Following …

Breaking: Logitech To Announce Bundled Video Conferencing With Google TV Today

Details are scant at the moment but I just had a quick conversation with Logitech’s video business VP and GM, Eric Kintz about Cisco’s video teleconferencing announcement.

“We congratulate Cisco on bringing video calling to the living room – it’s a great day for consumers and the video communications industry. We’re …

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