So Will the AT&T and T-Mobile Deal Get Approved?

There’s always that one catch before the merger goes live. Before AT&T gets to play Frankenstein with T-Mobile, the deal will, thankfully, have to pass through the FCC and the Justice Department first. No one can forecast what’s going to happen, but if the deal falls through, a lot more happens than T-Mobile getting to keep its …

What the AT&T & T-Mobile Acquisition Means for Everyone

Yesterday, both AT&T and T-Mobile announced that AT&T would acquire the latter in a deal worth $39 billion. Thoughts raced through millions of heads, wondering how the acquisition would affect them, mine included. As a T-Mobile customer, I wondered what options were now left to me.

What does the $39 billion deal mean in a nutshell? …

AT&T & T-Mobile: The Early Reactions

AT&T has proposed to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion, taking in a network competitor that’s also well-prepped for purchase. The potential buy has already raised questions about AT&T’s regulatory affects, and how the telecom giant intends to push through a doomed deal. Merging any two companies of this size and stature would be a …

T-Mobile’s 4G Sidekick Is Poised for a Spring Comeback

Last year, T-Mobile axed the Sidekick. But never fear, the phone is coming back, in better and badder shape than ever.

It seems like our report in January was spot on: we mentioned the Sidekick was coming back, that it would be 4G, and that it would also launch in the first half of the year. By golly, it’s all of those things and …

T-Mobile Wants to Help Ease the Pain of Your Sidekick’s Demise

The iconic Sidekick as we know it is nearing its end, and T-Mobile wants to be there to help you cope.

This past Tuesday, T-Mobile sent a letter out to its customers letting them know that as of May 31, 2011, the Danger data service used by the ubiquitous slide phone will be shut down for good, and users will need to move their data …

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