Apple Bullies Adult “App Store” Over Trademark

Amazon isn’t the only target of Apple’s “App Store” trademark assault. MiKandi, a purveyor of porn apps for Android phones, has changed its slogan after receiving a cease and desist from Apple.

MiKandi, whose storefront is completely separate from the Android Market, once called itself “the world’s first app store for adults.” Now, …

TechFast: Amazon Tablets, Facebook Bans 20k Every Day

Good morning! Here’s this morning’s top tech headlines.

Amazon Could Become A Huge Tablet Player

At Business Insider, Dan Frommer wrote an excellent and insightful piece exploring the possibilities that lie ahead for Amazon. It already has an online store; it already makes good tablet hardware (albeit with limited functionality);

Guess What, Amazon’s App Store Is Open for Business

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what Apple thinks, because the Amazon’s app store for Android is now open for business and its got 3,800 apps ready to go.

All the apps are available for free, or for a few cents, and or dollars. Luckily you don’t have to waste your pittance on something you don’t like – you can test drive the …

Apple Sues Amazon Over “App Store” Trademark

Just a day after leaked shots of Amazon’s app store surfaced online, Apple filed a complaint in court that their trademark “App Store” was being used. Looks like Amazon may have accidentally ruffled some feathers.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Apple lawsuit states “Amazon has begun improperly using Apple’s App Store …

Amazon’s Netflix-Style Video Service Free for ‘Prime’ Members

If you do a lot of shopping on, you’ve no doubt come across the site’s $79 per year “Prime” membership option.

The basic idea is that for $79, you get free two-day shipping on just about everything sold directly by Amazon—not its third-party sellers, mind you—or $4-per-item overnight shipping.

The company has now …

App of the Week: Amazon for Windows Phone 7

Whatever its size, the cross-section of Amazon diehards and Windows Phone 7 owners can now officially be placated with Amazon’s Windows Phone 7 app.

The app takes advantage of Windows Phone 7’s swipe-friendly interface to provide easy access to a specific product’s details, customer reviews and related items without having to load up …

Barnes & Noble Invite Scorned Amazon Affiliates To Join The Family

With Amazon severing ties with affiliate sellers in Texas, Hawaii, North Carolina, Rhode Island and other states due to issues over online sales tax (including last week closing a distribution center in Irving, TX, following a dispute over $269 million in taxes), Barnes and Noble is apparently seeing a business opportunity in the making. …

Kindle Update: Page Numbers, More Ways to (Over-)Share

Amazon is giving their Kindle a makeover with a little something old and lot of somethings new.

First, the throwback. The most buzz-worthy change coming in the latest update is the addition of “real” page numbers, a quiet homage to the e-reader’s predecessor. By popular demand, the 3.1 version software will display the page …

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