Will Your iOS Device Support Game Center?

Wondering if your iPhone or iPod touch will be compatible with Apple’s Game Center when iOS 4.1 launches? Looks like the touch 2nd through 4th generation touch models along with the iPhone 4 and 3GS will support the “social gaming network.” If only we knew when iOS 4.1 will make its debut. Earlier rumors and a leak on the UK site …

2G Apple TV: The Specs Sheet

Apple announced today that it will try again with Apple TV, unveiling a smaller, all-HD device that eliminates storage, available to customers in about four weeks.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

Apple TV:

Quarter of the size of the 1G Apple TV
Built-in power supply
HDMI port (Cord sold …

Apple’s 4G iPods: The Specs Sheet

During Apple’s live announcement of upcoming products, Steve Jobs announced an all-new line of iPods, available in stores next week.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

iPod Shuffle:

Runs VoiceOver
Ability to use playlists and genius mixes
2GB allows for 15 hours of music storage
Available in five …

Apple’s Fall Event Liveblog

We’ll be getting started in a few minutes, folks. New iPods with cameras (maybe), Apple TV (maybe) and a social iTunes for all (maybe)!

1PM ET: We’re doing this liveblog old school style, so refresh at your leisure.

120 million iOS devices have shipped. Apple is activating 230,000 iOS devices a day.

Over 250,000 apps in the App …

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