Is Apple Mulling Over A Possible iPhone 4 Recall?

In light of what has become a PR nightmare over the faulty reception issues of Apple’s iPhone 4, could the tech giant be considering a recall? PR experts say it’d better.

In a recent Cult of Mac post, PR experts outline the dangers of Apple continuing to skirt the recent accusations of a bad antenna design, especially after …

GE MoodCam iPhone App Promises Perfect Mood Lighting

The things people think up.

GE has come up with an iPhone app that’s supposed to help you decide which bulbs will set a particular mood for a particular room or space that you may or may not inhabit. Snap a photo of said room using your iPhone and swipe one way or the other to establish the right moooood and GE will tell you …

Apple To Replace Broken Time Capsules From 2008

Did you purchase a Time Capsule between February 2008 and June 2008? Does it struggle to power on or shut down after it fires up? Wait a second. If you’ve been sitting on a Time Capsule that isn’t able to power on then you’re what TLC or whatever channel would call a hoarder. In the event that you still have said Time Capsule with a …

99 Cent TV Show Rentals To Piggyback New Apple TV?

NewTeeVee has apparently been tipped off by “sources” that Apple will not only release a new Apple TV but that streaming TV show rentals are also on the way. Apple’s waning interest in one of its own products that Steve Jobs calls a “hobby” for the company could be turning itself around to compete with Hulu and …

comScore: Android’s Market Share Continues To Climb While Others Slip

ComScore has just released its numbers for May for U.S. smartphone owners over the age of 13. Wait. What does a 13-year-old need a smartphone for? According to comScore, 49.1 million Americans owned a smartphone from February to the end of May, which is an 8.1 percent increase from the previous three-month period ending in …

JavaScript Showdown: Android 2.2 vs iOS4

The gents at Ars did a little JavaScript testing on Google’s Android 2.2 versus Apple’s iOS4 to see which platform had a speedier Web browser. Based on SunSpider and V8 benchmarks, Froyo blew the doors off iOS4 and Éclair. According to said benchmark tests, Froyo is nearly three times faster than Éclair and three times better …

iPhone 4 Reception Issues Aren’t What You Think

According to Apple, the root of the well-documented iPhone 4 reception issue has been identified and “it is both simple and surprising.” The formula with which Apple calculates how many bars should be displayed is “totally wrong.” So, when your iPhone 4 says you have 4 bars of reception, you might actually only have one or two. …

Yahoo! Comes to Android

PSA Android owners-

Yahoo! has just made available apps for Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Search.

Also, Yahoo! Mail and News have been HTML5 optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

That is all.

Press release after the jump.

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