Want To Opt Out of Apple’s Targeted iAds?

With Apple’s roll out of iOS4 yesterday afternoon, the Webmonkeys have been hard at work deciphering every minute detail of the most recent iTunes and mobile OS update. For many of us, iOS4 means we’ll finally have the ability to run third party apps in the background. We’ll even be able to clump together apps into folders …

Apple Shares Your Location With ‘Partners and Licensees’

If you’ve opened up the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad recently, you were likely prompted to accept Apple’s new terms and conditions policy before being able to download anything. It happened to me yesterday and, acting like a true consumer, I accepted the policy without reading all 45+ pages of it on my phone’s tiny …

Swype Said To Be Working on iPhone and iPad Software

Swype is a pretty compelling new input method for touch-screen devices. Most of us have seen Samsung’s world record breaking fastest text messaging commercial, which seemed a bit gimmicky until I actually tried it out on a device.

In an article this morning in the NYT, Jenna Wortham reports that Swype is “tinkering” with …

PSA: Best Buy To Get 20-70 iPhone 4s Per Store

It’s unclear when the white iPhone 4s will start shipping but iClarified supposedly has projected inventory numbers for a number of Best Buy stores across the country. For whatever reason, the stores in Florida will receive the bulk of the first shipments of the iPhone 4 from Apple.

And now you know.

More on Techland:
PSA: You

Apple iOS 4 Software Update Rolling Out to iPhone Owners

We’re hearing scattered reports of Apple’s newly updated mobile operating system iOS 4 being rolled out through iTunes. You’ll need to update to iTunes 9.2 for it to take effect. I haven’t gotten the software kicked to my phone yet—wait, something’s happening. Whoomp, there it is. Just went live.

The update is free for iPhone 3G …

Apple’s FaceTime Won’t Gobble Up Your Minutes

Turns out that Apple’s FaceTime video chat won’t eat away at your minutes or push you over the data cap brink.


Am I the only one that understands how FaceTime works? It uses Wi-Fi so, you know, it wouldn’t eat away at your voice or data allotment. This straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The voice call ends as soon …

E310 Exclusive: First Look At Star Wars: Trench Run 2.0

THQ Wireless and Infrared 5 are set to unleash a new force in an upcoming update to Star Wars: Trench Run for the iPhone. In an exclusive demo, Infrared 5 shows us Trench Run 2.0 with Brass Monkey SDK integration. Brass Monkey is a patent pending technology from Infrared 5 that connects multiple devices over a Wi-Fi network.

In this …

How to Stuff a Verizon 3G Connection into an iPad

Take the phone off the hook, send the kids to Grandma’s, and light some aromatherapy candles as you prepare to hunker down for a weekend of iPad modding. If you want to stuff a Verizon 3G connection into your iPad, that is.

Assuming you have the chops to crack open your iPad, remove AT&T’s 3G module, and solder the innards of a …

iPhone 4 Confirmed To Have 512MB of RAM

Apple has never publicly published full spec sheets for its iPhones because it simply doesn’t matter to the general consumer. As long as the device works as advertised, Apple assumes we don’t need to know the processor speed or how much RAM a device has. And to be quite honest, they’re right in doing so for that specific …

PSA: MobileMe Mail Out of Beta

Are you a MobileMe subscriber? MobileMe Mail is out of beta and available to anyone who has signed up for the service. Looks like the iPad mail client, no?

Widescreen and compact views. When reading your mail at, the new widescreen view lets you see more of each message with less scrolling. Choose compact view to hide your

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