What To Expect From Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 Keynote

Without fail, the month of June stands for two things – the start of summer and a new iPhone. Summer weather may be scattered throughout the country but one thing is for sure, Steve Jobs will take the stage Monday morning at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco and officially unveil the fourth generation …

Poll: What’s Your AT&T Data Usage?

The entirety of the Internet was pouting yesterday after AT&T announced new data plans for smartphone users. The iPhone base starting flinging complaints at AT&T, but we’re hoping after a good night’s sleep and a half a bottle of Jameson, you’re calmed down enough to tell us the truth: How much data are you really using? It’ll help us …

What If?: The Story of Apple’s Third Co-Founder

The story of Ron Wayne – co-founder of Apple – is both intriguing and sad. 76-year-old Wayne spends his days selling gold coins and stamps out of his home in the desert with a .38 caliber Police Special strapped to his leg rather than living in the lap of luxury. That’s not exactly what Jobs and Woz are doing these days.

For 12 …

Video: What Did Steve Jobs Say At D8 Last Night?

Steve Jobs kicked things off at D8 last night and while he didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know about himself and Apple, he did have a few choice quotes that everyone has been milking for the last 12 hours. The above video is a brief snippet of his chat with Mossberg and Swisher over Flash.

Below are a few choice video …

Foxconn Suicides: Eh, They’re “Below Average,” says Apple CEO

It’s difficult to ignore the recent slew of suicides at Apple’s Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. Apple released the following statement last week after the ninth Hon Hai worker jumped to their death.

“We are saddened and upset by the recent suicides at Foxconn,” the Apple statement said. “Apple is deeply committed to ensuring

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