Beatles Sell Two Million Songs Within First Week on iTunes

In a little less than Eight Days a Week, the Beatles sold two million songs and 450,000 albums on iTunes. While some, including myself, wondered if the band would need Help! selling digital copies to a fan base that kept saying It Won’t Be Long until the Beatles’ music could be downloaded, even seven years of negotiations couldn’t Slow

iPads Installed At JFK by Delta

If you’re flying Delta out of New York City this holiday season, make sure to check out the iPads that have been installed to make your waiting before boarding time a little more fun. USA Today reports the airlines has installed 135 devices at three of JFK’s gates, typically at food establishments like Croque Madame, a French restaurant …

TJ Maxx Selling iPads for $400

Select TJ Maxx stores are apparently selling the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for $400, according to Engadget. Is this a gigantic price mistake?! No, given this sign that says “$399.99 – compare at $499.99.”

Which stores are actually carrying iPads seems to vary a bit. Engadget found stores in Vernon, New York and parts of Ohio and New …

Beatles Crawling All Over Top iTunes Albums Already

If you were wondering, as I was, whether the Beatles would sell on iTunes, the answer appears to be an emphatic YES. In a little more than 24 hours, various Beatles albums have taken over several spots in iTunes’ “Top Albums” list. Mashable reports that every Beatles album available on iTunes has found its way into the top 36 albums at …

Beatles on iTunes: Will They Sell?

The Beatles have hit iTunes.

The “Beatles Box Set” is priced at $149 and features “all of the band’s studio albums as well as the Past Masters collection.” Single albums are also available for download at between $13 and $20 each.

I’d be very interested to see how well these albums sell. I can’t imagine too many people have been …

App of the Week: Xfinity TV

Recently released for iPad and iPhone, Comcast’s free Xfinity TV app allows you to browse TV listings and schedule remote recordings directly from your device. The real kicker is the ability to use your iPhone or iPad to change the channels on your cable box, though.

Setup entails entering your account credentials in …

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