What You Need To Know About iPhone Availability at AT&T

So, you ordered an iPhone 4 from AT&T, huh? According to AT&T, sales were unprecedented with pre-orders on June 15 being 10 times higher than they were for the iPhone 3GS a year prior.

AT&T will fulfill all preorders on the iPhone 4 for those that preordered on June 15. If you didn’t then you’re going to have to wait until …

Apple’s FaceTime Won’t Gobble Up Your Minutes

Turns out that Apple’s FaceTime video chat won’t eat away at your minutes or push you over the data cap brink.


Am I the only one that understands how FaceTime works? It uses Wi-Fi so, you know, it wouldn’t eat away at your voice or data allotment. This straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The voice call ends as soon …

Poll: What’s Your AT&T Data Usage?

The entirety of the Internet was pouting yesterday after AT&T announced new data plans for smartphone users. The iPhone base starting flinging complaints at AT&T, but we’re hoping after a good night’s sleep and a half a bottle of Jameson, you’re calmed down enough to tell us the truth: How much data are you really using? It’ll help us …

AT&T Ditches Unlimited Data Plan, Tethering On The Way

Hmm. Now why would AT&T miraculously offer new data plans less than a week before the purported announcement of the 4th generation iPhone? And why would said data plans kick into effect on June 7? Oh, I know, a new iPhone is coming!

Two new plans have just been announced by AT&T: DataPro and DataPlus. So long unlimited!

For …

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