Facebook Finally To Create A Dislike Function… Sort Of

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived: You can finally show your disapproval for your friend’s posts. No more comments of “I dislike this” or liking something but really meaning you are commiserating with the person.

It’s not so clear cut though. Now you can rate a status up or down, and a percentage of how many people like …

FriendShuffle: Cruise the Sites Your Facebook Friends Like

FriendShuffle takes the idea that you share similar interests with your Facebook friends and runs with it. You go to FriendShuffle.com and sign in with your Facebook credentials, and then any web address—article, video, blog post, whatever—that one of your friends has tagged using Facebook’s "like" button will show up chronologically

Facebook May Be Getting A Facelift

Facebook is inviting the press into their headquarter today at 10 AM PST, which only means one thing: Something is about to change.

The invite didn’t say much, but people are guessing what the reveal could be. Many sites, including TechCrunch, are pointing to a site wide redesign. Some users are already seeing the Facebook chat …

This Facebook Phone Thing is as Straightforward as God

Do you believe in God? If you do, do you perceive God as an individual entity that looks over us? Or perhaps you perceive God as the sum-total of all souls—God is an ocean and we’re all the droplets of water that make up that ocean, and so on. Or maybe you don’t believe in God. Or maybe you believe in many gods. Maybe you’re God! If …

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