Use Your Phone to Pay for That Dress, Courtesy Google

You’re wrapping up dinner at your favorite restaurant, but how do you reply to the maître d’ who hands you the bill and asks “paper, plastic, or semiconductor”?

With your phone, of course, and that’s just what Google’s hoping you’ll do when its new mobile payment service goes live sometime during the next four months, according to

Google Instant Previews Go Mobile

A new mobile version of Google Instant Previews is useful in ways that the desktop version never was.

The search tool will now automatically appear on Android phones running version 2.2 and up, and iPhones running iOS 4. Next to every search result, you’ll see a little magnifying glass. Tapping it takes you to a new page that shows a …

How to Sell a Tablet: Apps and Price First, Tech Specs Second

I try to keep a level head about Apple products. I own several, but I also own plenty of non-Apple stuff as well (I use a PC! Can you believe it?!).

This whole tablet movement has been fascinating to watch, though, and Apple’s been navigating the minefield impressively. It’s setting up some mines along the way, which helps, but …

Quilting for Data: How Google Gets Information from Inside People’s Heads

Data. Google wants it, and is good at getting it.

And that’s fine and dandy when the data they need is already online, because they can send the Googlebot scurrying along to index everything it finds. But what about the data that isn’t online?

Google’s cameras-on-cars collected data for Google Maps, but even they can’t drive …

Google Zaps Rogue Android Apps

A rogue developer managed to lure thousands of Android users into downloading dodgy malware for their mobile devices.

Google acted fast and axed the account run by developer Myournet, also taking steps to remove its 21 stolen applications from users’ phones via a built-in “back door” system put there for just such an …

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